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Shape Me the 30 day plan by Susie Burrell

Get a personalised 30 day or 3 month weight loss plan in minutes

Over 750 calorie controlled recipes

Every single one of the 750+ calorie controlled recipes in Shape Me have been written by qualified Dietitian Susie Burrell exclusively for her customers. Recipes can be filtered by popular dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan (inc. Soy), low fodmaps, gluten free, nut free, egg free and more. All recipes feature a detailed breakdown of calorific, fibre, protein and carbohydrate content and contain a full preparation method and ingredients list.

Customised Meal Plans for Special Dietary Requirements

Shape Me Gluten Free weight loss plan
Gluten Free Diet

Shape Me Low Fodmap weight loss plan
Low Fodmap Diet

Shape Me Vegan weight loss plan
Vegan Diet

Shape Me Vegan weight loss plan

Shape Me Insulin Resistant weight loss plan
Insulin Resistant Diet

Direct access to a Dietitian

Exclusive to Shape Me - when you sign up you'll get instant access to our unique 'Ask Susie' section. Maybe you're finding it hard to lose weight, not sure which bread to buy, or perhaps you have questions about one of the recipes in your meal plan. Simply post your question and you'll get a qualified and confidential response direct to your inbox. It's like having your very own Dietitan on call, in your pocket!

Smart, personalised, customisable meal plans

Ever been given a diet plan only to discover you hate half of the recipes on there? With Shape Me we create a tailored meal plan based on your profile and activity levels and then allow you to swap meals in and out. You can even drop in a takeaway meal or select from leftovers from previous days if you don't feel like cooking that night. Plus you can filter recipes by special dietary requirements like gluten free, wheat free, low FODMAP and more. Smart, customisable and tailored to you, the way a meal plan should be.

Chat to other Shapers in the Shape Me Community Forums

The Shape Me Community is the place to freely chat to other Shape Me members during your plan. PLUS when you join Shape Me you get access to the Shape Me Community for another 6 months after your plan finishes at no additional charge. It's a great way to meet like minded people, share tips and tricks, get inspiration, and motivate yourself to achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

Claim towards the cost of your Shape Me plan

HIF members with an eligible level of Extras Cover can claim a benefit towards the cost of my Shape Me plan. For more information about HIF, including full details on how to lodge a claim for a Shape Me plan plus a special $50 bonus offer for new customers, visit hif.com.au/shapeme now.

Weigh-in and track your weight

Due to popular demand, we have recently launched a daily weight tracker for those who are keen to monitor their weight loss progress. Weigh-in and plot where you are against your 'goal line' to easily monitor your progress, then share your awesomeness with your friends! It's optional and you can use it as many or as few times as you like during your plan.

Start when you want to, not when you're told to

Life is hectic right? We know everyone's situation is different so unlike other programmes Shape Me doesn't force you to start on a certain date. Firstly, we give you 90 days to activate your plan after you've bought it; once activated you then have another 5 days to customise your meal plan, buy any ingredients you might need and get comfortable with the plan before actually starting it. Pretty flexible hey? Don't let others tell you what to do, take control and fit Shape Me into your schedule.

Daily summary email

It's not always practical to visit the site every day, life gets busy we know that. So we'll send you a personalised summary email of your day every morning so you can keep on top of your plan even if you don't have time to check the site.

Free eBooks

Shape Me members get access to our exclusive library section and our 3 brand new eBooks all included in your Shape Me membership price. Our eBooks can be downloaded and read on most popular tablets and mobile devices.

Web, mobile & tablet friendly

What's the point in paying for a plan when you can't use it on your tablet or mobile phone? With more smartphones than people in Australia now, we think any plan worth its weight in carrots should offer this. So feel free to use Shape Me on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop PC, smart TV or anywhere you usually browse the web. Works on Apple devices, Android, Windows mobile and others. It's your plan, access it your way.

Product database to help you shop

Ever get to the shops and end up staring at the shelves wondering what to buy? It's even harder when you're trying to follow a plan as well hey? Well stare no more. Shape Me features a healthy product database to help you find suitable brands and products when shopping. Browse by category or image to quickly match a product when shopping and never find yourself lost in the aisles again.

Custom plans for gyms or Personal Trainers

Shape Me can be customised and delivered on a high volume scale to gym and Personal Trainer clients. Find out if Shape Me could be a good fit for your gym or fitness centre: customised weight loss plans for gyms and personal trainers.

Plus there's ... hang on, does anyone actually scroll this far?

Ok so there's heaps more to Shape Me but seriously this page is plenty long enough already right? Best way to find out more, is to give it a go.

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