10 Reasons to get rid of the Easter treats today!

Spicy Easter hot cross buns

1. Easter is over.

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There is nothing wrong with enjoying special treats on special occasions but unfortunately, Easter eggs and Easter buns have ben available since Christmas. Easter is over!

2. You have already eaten too much.

Chances are, you have been overeating since Good Friday Eve – drinks after work; pies at the footy; Hot X Buns each morning along with show bag treats, tons of chocolate eggs and other Easter delights mean you have already been overeating for at least 4 days.

3. If they are there you will eat them.

Save yourself hours of mind games and torture, if you know they are in the house, you will eat them even though you are telling yourself you will not.

4. Deep down, you do not really want to eat them.

Sure your low blood glucose at 4pm is telling you that you want to eat them, but the hours of gym time even a single chocolate egg means that deep down you probably do not want to eat them.

5. They are the same every year.

Let’s be honest, every year Lindt, Cadbury and Red Tulip wheel out the same old eggs. OK, Marvellous Creations were new last year but even they are old now.

6. You have already experienced the pleasure.

The first time we eat something we love it tastes great, the second good but not as great and by the fourth or fifth time we are often just eating it because it is there. This is likely to be the case with any Easter treats still circulating at home.

7. It will be empowering.

Sometimes taking control of your environment is the most empowering thing you can do to take control of your eating behaviour and your weight. Stock the kitchen will healthy nutritious foods and say goodbye to Easter treats until next year so it does not drag on for another month of two.

8. Chocolate is high in calories and easy to overeat.

You know that bunny you just demolished with a cup of tea, it had more calories in it than 2 dinners so unless you are planning not to eat any meals for a few days, you will gain weight if you keep eating chocolate.

9. You can give it as a gift.

Easter used to be a single egg and a Hot Cross Bun on Good Friday. Now it is multiple bunnies, mini eggs, show bags and chocolate. Take it to work, give it to your neighbours; give to the garbage men or take it to a homeless shelter and use it as a gift of kindness much better there than on your hips.

10. It is important we do not teach our kids to overeat.

There is no better lessen for our kids than to learn to self regulate and know when they have had enough. Chances are by Easter Monday, they have had enough and it is ok to remind them of this.



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