10 Reasons Why Shape Me may be your ultimate diet solution


1. Shape Me allows you to choose your diet

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Whether you need a diet for insulin resistance or for gluten free, vegan or a low FODMAPS diet, Shape Me offers the calories controlled meal plan to suit you. You get to choose the diet you want based on your age, activity levels, food preferences and dietary intolerance’s.

2. Shape Me has more than 500 recipes

There is no chance of boredom with Shape Me. With more than 500 different recipes you can chop and change your own diet with recipes that suit your lifestyle to your heart’s content.

3. You have your own dietitian on call

Forget signing up to a program and being left on your own. As part of the Shape Me experience, you have direct email access to me 24 hours a day and are guaranteed a reply within 12 hours – usually just 1 or 2, pretty good hey?

4. You get daily food, motivation and exercise tips

Just when you wake up feeling down and unmotivated, you are greeted with an daily motivational email written by me.

5. You can access Shape Me anywhere, anytime

Whether it is on your desktop, i-phone or i-pad, Shape Me can be used on any mobile device and accessed anywhere so you can use it when travelling, when shopping or when you are in front of the TV.

6. Shape Me can be as intensive as you want it to be

The beautiful thing about Shape Me is that you can take it as seriously or as lightly as you wish. If you want daily contact with a dietitian you can. If you just want to access it for recipe ideas, you can. There are no rules with Shape Me.

7. Shape Me tells you what products to buy

Forget spending hours at the supermarket trying to work out which products to buy. Shape Me has a detailed product library to help guide you in the best direction when it comes to packaged foods at the supermarkets.

8. Shape Me allows you to choose whether to cook or to compile

Some of us love to try new recipes and cook, cook, cook while others prefer a ‘compile’ approach to their meals. Shape Me offers both recipes and meal options that require minimal preparation including take away options.

9. Shape Me will not cost you an arm and a leg

For less than the cost of a training session or health professional appointment you can access Shape Me for an entire month.

10. Shape Me can be customised

So if you have a gym or are a trainer, Shape Me can be branded and marketed to your own clients to value add to your fitness centre, gym or training program.



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