10 tips to help you have a healthier holiday.

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Holidays are notorious for eating plenty of extras; moving a lot less than usual and unfortunately weight gain. So this mid-year break, here are the easiest steps you can take to have a healthier holiday

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1. Schedule in daily activity

It may be a walk at the beach; bike ride with the family or an extra gym class just make movement a priority when you are on any kind of holidays, it is the only time you have ‘more’ time.

2. Keep your daily food structure

Individuals who control their weight keep their food intake structured with regular meals and snacks most days, weekends or holidays or not.

3. Take your food or snacks with you

On planes; for car trips or day trips, keep a supply of healthy foods and meals on hand so you are not wooed by high calorie fast food meals and snacks

4. Indulge once a day

Of course it is holidays and that means indulge a little but try and limit indulgences to just one each day whether that is wine or ice cream or pies or chocolate – not all of them

5. Stick to meal times

Extra snacking and meals often slip in when we are flying or out of our normal routine. Keep on track with only eating when it is a meal time and when you are hungry to prevent mindless overeating

6. Don’t waste your calories

Hot chips, soft drinks, lollies and snacks are all extras that we do not really need but which supply hundreds of extra calories into our daily diets. Be strict with these extras so you can enjoy the treat style foods you really enjoy

7. Walk as much as you can

We have more time, which means more time to walk places, use holidays as opportunities to move more

8. Compensate

There will always be special occasions and extras that slip in around holiday time, the key is to learn to balance these with lighter food days so if you have overdone it, simply follow with extra exercise or lighter meals the following days

9. Clean out the kitchen

If extra foods are there, we will eat them so pull the plug on extra snacks, chips, drinks and junk food at home.

10. Keep an eye on the scales

A quick weight check every couple of weeks is an easy way to keep on top of weight gain, before an extra 2-3kg are on top of you



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