5 food changes to make to your lifestyle now it’s spring.

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The return of the warmer weather tends to create a degree of urgency when it comes to getting our bodies ready to bare flesh. So, before you rush out and spend your hard earned dollars on yet another rapid weight loss program, keep in mind that there is more than enough time to lose a few kg simply by adopting a few key diet tricks over the next few weeks. While weight loss may not be as rapid using more traditional techniques, the good news is that the weight you do lose will be gone for good.

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1. Go light for a few days

There is nothing wrong with adopting a few days of extra light eating to make up for months of overeating. In fact, just a day or two of low calorie salads, soups, grilled fish and breakfast smoothies can work wonders in helping you drop a few kg relatively quickly but also safely.

2. Have a break from the milk coffee

A cappuccino or latte may not seem to have that many calories but sipping on milk containing coffees is often extra calories we do not need or compensate for. If you are drinking more than one coffee with milk a day, try a week or so with just green tea or plain black coffee and notice the difference ditching the extra milk has on your appetite levels.

3. Concentrate on salad and vegetables

The easiest way to lose weight is to eat more vegetables yet few of us adopt this relatively easy strategy. The low calorie content of vegetable based soups and salads, means that you could literally eat as much of these foods as you like without weight gain. Put simply, when we eat lots of low calorie, nutrient rich foods such as vegetables, there is less room for other high calorie foods! One of the easiest dietary strategies you can adopt when trying to shift a few kg quickly and safely is to replace a meal with a soup or salad. Whether you choose a rich vegetable soup for dinner or a leafy green or roasted vegetable salad for lunch, your total calorie intake will be significantly reduced when you bump up the vegetable content of your diet

4. Concentrate on meal timing

One of the biggest issues from a dietary perspective is that we eat our meals a lot later in the day than we did 20-30 years ago. Breakfast is often not until 9am, lunch at 2 or 3 and then we are lucky to have dinner by 8 or even 9 at night. Another exceptionally easy dietary strategy is to simply eat earlier. Breakfast by 8am, lunch by 1pm and dinner by 7pm at the latest so you have 10-12 hours without food overnight – so simple yet so effective.

5. Go one week clean

I am not talking wash all of your foods rather commit to an entire week of not eating any crap – you know what I am talking about – the extra chocolate or glass of wine that we do not pay much attention too but which really add up. Just a week without any extras can be a great way to break the poor food habits we build over time and justify and remind us that we do not really need those extras at all, we just think we do. Be strong.