5 reasons why you should ditch the diet soft drink for good

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1. It is not offering you anything positive nutritionally

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I know you love it; and your day will just not seem the same without the little high you get from enjoying a can with your lunch or dinner but the harsh reality is that it is not helping your body in any way. It is not helping to hydrate you, or adding any positive nutritional properties into your diet. In fact, it is actually likely to be displacing water from your diet, leaving you more vulnerable to dehydration and fatigue on a daily basis.

2. It may be making you eat more junk

For some time my experience is that the intensely sweet taste of diet soft drinks appear to prime to brain to look for more sweet food and there is more evidence building to support this observation. A recent study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics examined the dietary patterns of 22 000 US residents over 9 years and found that individuals who drank diet soft drinks obtained a greater percentage of their overall daily calorie intake from ‘energy dense, nutrient-poor foods” like cookies, ice cream, chocolate, fries, and pastries’, and caused an increase in daily calorie intake as well. Who would have thought.

3. The hit only lasts an hour or so

Often we reach for a diet soft drink when we are looking for an energy hit but the truth is that this hit is short lived. At most the hit you will get from caffeine or even the sweet flavour will last no longer than 40-60 minutes leaving you feeling tired and hungry all over again an hour or so later.

4. They are a waste of money

We talk about wasting money on coffee but what about some fizzy water with chemicals and sweeteners added? At $3-4 per bottle surely you have better things to do with the $20 plus dollars a week you are throwing away on sweet water?

5. It plays havoc with your appetite and digestive hormones

When we are hungry and / or craving sweet food, the body is telling us that we need to eat. When we choose a diet soft in place of real food, the body does not respond well. Evidence suggests when the body realises that it has not in fact consumed any real calories that it increases appetite. More alarming are the early findings that whilst diet soft drinks do not contain sugar, they may still increase insulin levels in the body. Elevated insulin levels over time are linked to fat storage, and Type 2 diabetes. There is nothing ‘diet’ about that.