5 reasons to take control of your nutrition on a Monday


Another Monday morning and another chance to reset things after an indulgent weekend. Chances are you are feeling a little bloated and heavy today after a lot of food and not so much exercise over the weekend. With just 10 weeks to go until Christmas it really is time to get our nutrition sorted if we have any hope of feeling and looking our best for Summer. And there are a number of reasons why Mondays are the perfect day to take control of your nutrition and ultimately your weight to help you fee your best on a daily basis.

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1) The way you start your week is the way you will finish it

A concept that was introduced by self help gurus Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson, starting our week on the right foot helps us to build a platform from which our nutrition will be built and maintained for the remainder of the week. You know how this usually pans out – if you start Monday without your meals planned and your exercise sessions scheduled you are much more likely to keep things on track until Wednesday at least. On the other hand, if you start the week behind the eight ball, chances are by Wednesday you will feel so disorganized you will write off the rest of the week resolving to start again next week with ultimately another week lost.

2) Mondays are the perfect day to shop and plan.

Planning is the key to dietary success so setting aside just a few minutes each Monday to plan your meals, shop and cook at home will help to build your food platform for the week ahead.

3) Mondays are the perfect day to cook a few meals.

Let’s be honest, by the time it gets to Thursday few of us are feeling inspired to get into the kitchen and prepare a restaurant quality meal – enter take away city. Where as most of us are home on Monday nights which makes it the perfect night to not only watch our fav TV shows but to also use the ad break time to prepare a couple of healthy meals that can feed us later in the week, and / or for lunches to ensure our nutrition is on track for most of the week.

4) Mondays = motivation

Generally we are programmed to start things on a Monday – gyms are busier, supermarkets are crazy and we are all feeling the buzz of a better, newer start. Make the most of this motivation and use it to build your food and exercise platform for the week ahead.

5) Mondays are the perfect light eating day.

Whether you like the idea of ‘Meatless Monday’ or a day of light salads and soups, psychologically eating lighter during the first half of the week helps to balance out our higher calorie weekend days that inevitably become a routine part of our week.