5 reasons you should commit to febfast

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Today marks the day that thousands of Australians will say goodbye to their favourite glass of wine, cocktail or beer after work in support of febfast – the movement designed to help Australians take a break from the lure of regular alcohol consumption and raise money for youth drug and alcohol abuse prevention and management programs. So if you have not committed already, here are 5 more reasons why you should think about it.

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1. You drink way more than you think you do.

We do not serve ourselves a standard drink serve of wine any more, rather we are likely to demolish through an entire bottle in one sitting which is the equivalent of almost 7 standard drinks or almost double what is recommended as a daily intake (with 2 days off) for health.

2. It is a bad habit

Drinking too much is a bad habit that gradually creeps up on us and before you know it you are drinking every day, and then larger and larger volumes. Sometimes taking a complete break to see how much this habit has a hold of you.

3. It is making you fat

Not only does alcohol contain almost as many calories as fat, but everything you eat when drinking alcohol is much more likely to be stored. Hello pub food and fatty snacks. This may be why you are going to the gym and not getting results, the wine has to go too.

4. You are far from your best when drinking

You sleep badly, get nothing done, are more likely to eat crap and feel tired and lethargic when the first thing you do is poor yourself a wine when you get home. Make yourself a ‘to do’ list and notice how much more you get done in the evenings when you are not downing a few drinks out of boredom or habit.

5. Australians have a serious drinking issue

Binge drinking is gross, dangerous and unhealthy, yet it is considered a normal part of our culture. The more attention we bring to the damaging effects of excessive alcohol consumption and addiction, the better. So go febfast, it will be the best thing you do this February.

For more information on Feb Fast, click here.