5 things a new mum can’t live without

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I love a good recommendation and have been asked a few times about items that have been useful since having the twins almost 3 months ago. So here are the things I currently can’t live without and which be handy in your own home if you are juggling kids, baby’s and a busy life in general.

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Zip Tap1. Zip Hydrotap

I honestly don’t think I could have used a product more over the past 3 months. Between trying to drink enough to support breastfeeding twins, having boiling water on tap to clean bottles and to make much needed cups of tea in the middle of the night, this tap has saved my life. And that is not even taking in account how fab it to have sparking water on tap.

Avent Breast Pump2. Avent Breast Pump

This pump is the first thing I see in the morning and the last I see at night and its the best relationship I have ever had. No seriously, if it was not for this pump I would not be able to keep breastfeeding my twins as long as I have. It is easy to use and is a great investment for any new mum.

Melrose Nut Spreads3. Nut Spread

To satisfy the late night hunger and also add some much needed good fat to the diet to help make good breast milk, you cant go past these nut spreads on crackers or wholegrain toast. Find them in the health food section of supermarkets.

4. TV Series

To date it has included Flesh & Bone, UnReal and many Real Housewives but being kept awake in the middle of the night is so much easier when you have a little titillating TV to watch.

Sids and Kids Red Nose Wipes5. SIDS and Kids Red Nose Baby Wipes – UnScented

These are seriously the best wipes on the market. I have not had one issue with nappy rash from these wipes, they support a good cause and are not just handy for mums, everyone needs wipes in their life. We literally go through boxes which I think will only increase with 2 little boys in the house!