5 things you may not know about sparkling water

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Things you may not know about sparkling water

We all know we need to drink more water to be at our best on a daily basis but if plain still water is just not your thing, what about sparkling water? Is it as good nutritionally as regular water and is there any other issues to be aware of if sparkling is your preference? The good news is that sparkling water offers a number of health benefits and if it helps you to drink more filtered water in general, it can only be considered a good thing.

1. Sparkling water may help with indigestion

Forget pills and potions, the tiny bubbles and mix of minerals found in sparking water is one the easiest ways you can quickly reduce digestive discomfort and indigestion. It appears that the gas found in sparkling water helps to move food through the digestive tract, which in turn helps to alleviate abdominal discomfort quickly.

2. Sparkling water may help your skin sparkle

Used throughout Asia for this very purpose, it is thought that the carbon filled bubbles of sparkling water help to tighten and firm the skin; reduce puffiness and help to remove dead skin cells. To gain the benefit simply use some sparkling water with your evening cleanser to wash your face, mixing both sparkling with a little warm still water. Who would have thought that good skin starts in the kitchen!

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3. Sparkling water can help to aerate foods

For anyone who likes their pancakes fluffy, their tempura batter light or anywhere else you see water added to a recipe, swapping it for sparkling water will help to create a light, fluffy effect thanks to the addition of the carbon bubbles of sparkling water because pancakes and pikelets can never be too fluffy!

4. Sparkling water can brighten your dull vegetables

As you focus on your New Year’s Resolution to eat more vegetables, let’s be honest, there is nothing less appealing than some soggy, boiled vegetables on a plate. Give your vegetables a whole new lease of life by simply plunging boiled vegetables into sparkling water after cooking to help them hold their colour. Sparkling water helps to reduce the chemical process that results in a loss of chlorophyll and carotenoid (the colours) of the vegetables.

5. Sparkling water helps you to keep your heart healthy

One interesting study published in the Journal of Nutrition has examined the impact of women drinking a litre of sparkling water each day and found a positive effect on blood cholesterol levels. While the exact mechanism that explains this outcome is not fully

understood, it appears that the minerals in sparkling water have numerous benefits on fluid balance and liver function. And if choosing sparkling means that you will drink more in total, there are only weight and health benefits associated with that so drink up!

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