5 ways a Zip Hydrotap has changed my life


A few weeks ago, as a Zip ambassador, I was lucky enough to have a Zip Hydrotap installed at home. Now as a nutritionist this was very exciting (small things I know!) because the thought of having ice cold, sparking and boiling water at the touch a button was sounding way too good to be true. And I am happy to say that in just a few weeks, the Zip Hydrotap has completely changed my family’s drinking behaviours and made life a whole lot easier. So if you are thinking about installing one at home or for your employees, I cannot recommend on highly enough. Here are just some of the ways installing a Zip Hydrotap has changed our life at home.

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1. Everyone is drinking more water

Not only am I drinking more water as the lure of an ice cold glass of sparking water is great at this time of year but more importantly my partner (who is chronically dehydrated) and his two children are drinking a whole lot more as well. Ideally all of us will look to water as our first drink of choice and a tap with ready to go filtered water naturally supports greater consumption.

2. No more fights about soft drink

Prior to our Zip tap, we had ongoing fights and issues about soft drink and flavoured mineral waters regularly making their way into our fridge. The kids would nag their dad for it, and in more cases than not they would win. And of course, once you have a bottle in the fridge the entire thing gets consumed very quickly. Now there is no discussion. We have sparking water on tap, there is no need to buy any other flavoured drinks.

3. No more water bottles

One of my daily routines was previously filling water bottles and storing them in the fridge to grab as leaving the house. Now all I need is one water bottle to take to the gym, or as I leave the house and my fridge is clear of many plastic bottles that it used to contain.

4. No more 79c bottled soda water

I will be honest with you I love soda water and used to load up my trolley week in week out with the 79c soda water from supermarkets. I would even hide bottles at home because inevitably my partner or kids would drink all the soda water. Now with our own sparking tap not only do I save plenty of coin each week but there are no more fights about who drank all the soda water.

5. In preparation for the TWINS

As we prepare for the arrival of twins this Summer, I have no doubt that my handy new Zip tap is going to come in very handy for warming milk and sterilizing bottles. I just know it is.