A diary of my pregnancy. Update #1.

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Now for anyone who has no interest in hormones, pregnancy, children and talking about yourself in general this is not the blog for you. On the other hand, if you are kind of interested in how things are going with my little twins on board I thought I would give you a little update every so often over the next few months.

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So, I am now 18 weeks. Things are looking pretty good but as it is twins it is a higher risk pregnancy so I have to have checks all the time. Naturally being a dietitian I am pretty petrified of getting massive so am being pretty careful. Once I get to >28 weeks I am not allowed to do a lot of training so the babies don’t come too early so am doing what I can now. I was a little sick until 10-12 weeks which meant I didn’t want to eat anything at all which I think actually helped because usually I am a big eater. So no coffee, just cheese and crackers, a bit of salad and soup for a few weeks helped to manage the nauseous feeing I had for most of the day. I trained as normal, walks or gym most days because I felt sick anyway whether I did it or not. Then suddenly at 14 weeks I stopped feeling sick altogether unless I don’t eat in the morning, after which time I am greeted by a nice visit from my bile which I am getting very familiar with.

Things were all going very nicely then, not much belly. Not feeling sick. Wouldn’t even know those little tuckers are in there sucking me dry so off we go on a quick trip to Hawaii while I still could fly. My great friend and dietitian buddy Jaime was the perfect travel partner, tolerating my morning bile visit, getting me coffee and powerwalking up Diamond Head to keep this bump under control. We had a great week except all of a sudden I can’t eat. Suddenly there is no room. One meal and that’s it, the food literally comes back up. Great for weight control, bad for someone who loves to eat. Things will get interesting when this bump gets much bigger. Liquid diet anyone who is knocked up with twins?

Then Chris arrived in Hawaii for the second week and boot camp was over. We definitely did not climb the mountain each day; actually it was a great achievement for us to get up and haul ourselves down to the pool. Perhaps I did overdo it a little at dietitian boot camp. At least now I had someone to eat the other ½ of my food. Luckily scans confirmed once I arrived home that I had not sizzled by babies too much in the 38deg heat and things are back to normal for the next 3 months while I work as much as I can before it sounds as if I won’t be able to walk. Luckily Chris has installed a step into our spa so I will be able to float in there through the Aussie Summer.

originalSo now I am back to seeing clients and working from home, training most days and walking as much as I can. In general I am eating Weetbix in the morning, some sort of salmon roll or wrap for lunch and then an omelette or soup for dinner because of the space / regurge issue. I am also taking a probiotic and the pregnancy supplement Profutura, which has some of the most update to date research behind it in terms of pre and post-natal supplementation. My thyroid levels are good and my iron ok but I do suspect my iron will drop rapidly over the next few months so will keep a close eye on it.  I have gained about a kg since week 8 which I am pretty pleased with but I did start with a bit extra on so have room to move. My doctor says I should try and gain just 10kg so I am keen to also stick to that. My belly is definitely much bigger though and I feel like I should tell my clients that I am with 2 babies so they don’t think, ‘what would this pudgy dietitian know’. I also have a number of clients who are taking much delight in touching me; I guess they are getting their own back after years with the tape measure.

So next it is onto the stuff we need. I will probably try and get that sorted now while I can still move. Think of me when you are enjoying your favourite meal – if only I could physically eat that!