A diary of my pregnancy. Update #4: Swollen ankles and one big bump!


IMG_1882Well, as you can see from the attached pic, my BUMP has definitely popped over the last couple of weeks and it seems that I have officially lost control over my body. The shear size of it would be worrying me more but I am instead obsessed with feeling my 2 little munchkins who I finally felt move last week. I also now realise that all the movements I thought were them were actually indigestion, which basically means I have indigestion all the time.
Apart from the enormous belly things are going very well. We have now decided on cots, a stroller and car seats and the only big decision left is what car to get. Now I have a confession to make, after many, many years of sneering and tutting at city people driving oversized cars through Bondi Junction Westfield, the universe is officially punishing me as I think I too have to get a 4WD – can you believe it?! There seems to be no other way and I am desperately trying to not succumb to the ‘family’ car as described by my sister when I showed her the model we are thinking of getting. I am still not 100% convinced that the tiny twins will not be able to squeeze into my 2 door sporty car so I will keep you posted with that one.

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IMG_1947One other rather nasty issue I have is swollen ankles, especially when I have been sitting seeing clients all day. They are very unattractive. And who would have thought that walking all day would actually prevent them. So for any clients out there, all consults over the next 2 months will be walking consults or conducted in my compression gear – a win-win both way. Thank goodness by buddy’s at BSc (www.bodyscience.com.au) have made me some adjustable compression pants to stuff my BUMP into. Now that is love. And if I am not wearing them you will find me at the beach decompressing my poor swollen ankles.

IMG_1734And finally but most excitingly, some delightful human being from Phillips AVENT has sent me this – yes, a double breast pump. With the same excitement once held for Louis Vuitton handbags and Louboutin shoes I unwrapped this pressie, quite possibly because mum says I can go back to work once I leave her milk for the twins. I wish I could use it now! Now I know I am being cavalier and things are not that easy as a new mum but let me bask in my naivety for a few more weeks yet.

So at 22 weeks (I think) things are going very nicely and thank you all for your beautiful messages and well wishes. I am very happy today but on Thursday I see my Dr after a 3 week break and looking at the size of this BUMP, I may not be so happy after that appointment.

Love susie b xx