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A New Year = a New Start and not just in terms of your health and fitness goals. Now while the word “detox” is usually used to describe a strict regime of juices and potions which promise rapid weight loss, if we translate the concept of “detox” into a general approach in which we review, clear out and work towards changing the areas in our lives which we are not 100% happy, whether it be in regards to our weight, our career, our friends or our living arrangements, a detox can represent a powerful opportunity self-transformation. So why not try a life detox? A whole life detox, where you can make the necessary changes to start to build the life that you want and one that reflects who you are emotionally, spiritually as well as physically. Sound good? Let’s get started then.

Detox your body

While there is no scientific evidence to show that the body needs to be “detoxed”, what a period of “detox” does is remind us of all the bad food habits that have crept into our lives, and then how much better we feel when we eat well. Now a detox does not have to mean weeks of nothing apart from water, lemon juice and sugar. A detox can also simply refer to a short period in which a diet is based primarily around unprocessed, natural foods such as fruit and vegetables, nuts, wholegrains and seeds as well as small amount of nutrient dense, lean protein such as tuna and salmon. Even after just 3-5 days of eating this well will find that your sugar cravings disappear, as well as the constipation and bloated tummies. Your skin and hair will look healthier and you will have more energy than ever before, and you are even likely to drop a few kg in the process.

Detox your home

Have you got a drawer full of paperwork that needs to be filed? Can you barely close your wardrobe? Do you have cupboards that you have not seen the back of since you moved into your place? Then it is time for a massive cleanout.

Some would argue that there is nothing more satisfying than a good, old fashioned cleanout. Set aside a weekend or even a whole week to clean out every room in your home. Arm yourself with enough cleaning products to scrub every surface, put your favourite 1980’s CD’s on repeat and get stuck into it. Throw away anything you do not need, donate any clothes and shoes you have not worn for more than twelve months and organise everything you can into folders, piles, and boxes. An organised home gives way to an organised mind and who does not need that in the frantic world in which we live?

Detox your finances

If you barely have enough money to make it to the end of the week despite earning a reasonable salary, it is time to take charge. If you have not done so already, make a budget and stick to it. More importantly, if you have no idea where your money goes, keep track of your spending for a week. You will be surprised how easy it is to fritter sway $50 a day just on coffee, snacks and a few groceries. If you have credit card debt transfer all of the debt onto a low interest card and organise regular repayments to be debited straight from your savings account. Start a savings plan where as much as you can afford is also direct debited from your account. Collect all your change at the end of the day and save in a jar – it all adds up. Avoid using your credit or debit cards for every transaction as it is easy to lose track of how much you are spending. Instead, draw out a certain amount of cash each week and allocate it to incidentals. Finally, if money, or a lack there of is a contact issue, perhaps it is time to consider a second job. Earning a couple of hundred dollars a week from waitressing, babysitting or dog walking can be the difference between saving and getting ahead in the world we live in, or spending more and more, and getting further and further in debt.

Detox your relationships

Our relationships, intimate and non- intimate can bring the greatest joy to our lives, but also the most pain. Like all things in life, relationships change and sometimes when we have not prepared for the change can cling on to relationships that need to be moved on. The most common issue with relationships is that they become unbalanced – one partner is giving more to the interaction than the other and as such resentment builds and the relationship is unable to continue to flow in an even, reciprocal fashion.

If you feel as if you are constantly giving to some of your relationships but it is not being reciprocated, it may be time to consider if you are giving too much, or more importantly how you can focus on attracting people into your life who are able to give you what you need in a friendship, partnership or relationship. If you consider that we ultimately teach others how we should be treated, it really is up to us to seek out those who support us and nurture our souls as opposed to those who we think we should spend time we as this is what we have always done. People who should be in our lives bring us joy and happiness, while those who bring us stress, grief and anxiety should not and if there are a few of those hanging around in your world, it may be time to seek out some new friends, and or partner to ensure long term happiness.

Detox your mind

We live in an age in which our mind is constantly stimulated. Whether it is via the internet, or from one of four televisions we have in our homes, on Facebook or the iphone, there is never a shortage of information and social networking. Much peace and serenity though is gained from being quiet and alone with our own thoughts. As French physicist Blaise Pascal once quoted “All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone”, may on fact hold true more than ever before. To make way for slightly more peace and room for free thought in your current world, practice taking time out from technology. Have a rule of no television in the bedroom and keep the phone away from the bed. Consider even switching your phone off occasionally and embrace the idea of “sacred Sunday” as a time to relax, read, reconnect and regenerate. You will be surprised how much clarity about your life you find when you have time to think about it.



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