The question you need to ask: am I drinking enough water?

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There is nothing like a 30 degree day to remind you of the importance of hydration at this time of year. Not drinking enough of the right type of fluid will leave you feeling fatigued, flat and far from your best this Summer. And while vitamin water, juices and smoothies may seem like good options, the truth is that there is nothing better than water when it comes to maintaining optimal hydration. So here are some signs and symptoms that you are not drinking enough of the good stuff this Summer and reason to keep that water bottle handy over the next few hot weeks.

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1. You are actually thirsty

Thirst is a relatively weak sensation compared to hunger which means by the time we are actually thirsty we are already dehydrated. If you do experience thirst it is a sign you need to drink at least 300-500ml of water immediately to help rehydrate. Ideally we will aim for at least 500ml of fluid every 3-4 hours to keep on top of our hydration.

2. You pee and it’s yellow

A sure sign that you are not drinking enough is the colour of your urine. While you may not experience thirst regularly, if you observe yellow to dark yellow urine again it is a sure sign you need to significantly increase your water intake. Also keep in mind that caffeine can mask the colour of urine, so if you drink a lot of coffee or diet coke and your urine is clear, it may still mean you are not as hydrated as you think you are.

3. You are drinking less than 1L of water a day

The human body is more than 70% water which means we basically all need to drink the clear stuff to be at our best physically. Even if you move very little and do not exercise, you will need at least a litre of water each day ideally from water itself as opposed from food, tea and coffee to help your body be at its best.

4. You are constipated

While we often think of eating enough fibre to stay on top of our gut health, the truth is that drinking enough water is just as important when it comes to helping food move through the digestive tract. So before you reach for the All Bran, you might want to try drinking a little more water first.

5. You do not have a water bottle with you

To really keep on top of our hydration, especially in the heat chances are you will need to have water with you. Simply carrying a water bottle and aiming to get through at least 2 each day is an easy way to get into a good habit of drinking enough on a daily basis. 

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