Australia’s Own Breakfast Blend, a new breakfast drink

Breakfast Blend

The last time we reviewed a breakfast drink here on the blog we copped some serious abuse and criticism for being seen to ‘recommend’ an option that was deemed far less than acceptable nutritionally. So before I share this blog I want to preface this post with a few key points. Firstly, natural and fresh will always outweigh any processed food but the reason I do review and mention specific products is that people do consume processed foods, for a number of reasons. One may be time, another convenience or simply the fact that in the big scheme of things a breakfast drink or a processed snack bar is not such a big deal. Secondly, while there are some of us who would never personally buy some of these products there are many people who do and it is still my job to help them make better choices nutritionally where possible. Finally, there is no need to share any nasty, abusive comments no matter what your beliefs are. Keep them to yourself.

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So anyway, I do want to share with you the nutritionals of a new breakfast drink that has recently been released, Australia’s Own Breakfast Blend.

Nutritionally I would argue it is much stronger than the current market leader and although it does contain added sugar which is not ideal, overall its nutritionals are strong. So for all the mums who currently buy these for their teens, or for busy adults who are known to grab a breakie drink on the go, this one is worth a try. And yes while a banana and some milk are better less processed options overall, there is still a very active market purchasing these drinks and hence it does help for those individuals to make better choices.


Breakfast Blend (330ml) vs Up & Go Energise (350ml)

957kJ vs 1204kJ

13.5g protein vs 23.5g

9.6g fat vs 5.3g

17.5g carbs vs 34.7g

16.2g sugars vs 27.7g

9.9g fibre vs 2.8g

300mg calcium vs 413mg