5 reasons I love bananas for myself and for my clients!

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As the world’s most popular fruit, there are plenty of things to love about bananas, especially in relation to the key nutritional benefits that they offer. So if you need one more reason to love bananas, here are the five reasons I love them so much, for myself and my clients!

1. Bananas are a natural energy food

Forget special bars, gels, drinks and supplements, when you are fit and active and need an energy boost to help you power on through your day or fuel your workout, a banana has all the natural fuel you need. With 25-30g of carbs in a single serve, bananas are the most convenient energy food you can grab when you are on the run.

2. They are ready to go

No need for knives, cutting, chopping or finding a container they fit into, bananas come with their own packaging which mean they can be taken anywhere at any time making them the most convenient snack of choice.  And just as important, bananas are available all year round so you always have easy access to them at affordable prices.

3. They are the best healthy baking ingredient

Whenever there is the desire to make healthy snack foods at home, one of the biggest issues is what to use in place of added sugar when baking bars, bites and fruit breads. When you keep a couple of frozen bananas in the freezer you can add to baked goods to give the sweetness fruit breads, muffins and bites need minus the added sugars found in many bars and bites. 

4. Frozen banana is like ice-cream

Of course bananas are yummy fresh, but you never have to throw bananas out because even soft bananas can be put in the freezer and then used in baking (see Number 3) but if you want to freeze your fresh banana you will find that eating it is literally like eating ice-cream, minus the fat and calories. Blended into a smoothie, added to smoothie bowls or yoghurt or blended whole will literally give you 100% banana ice-cream which the whole family will love.

5. They can help to heal your gut

We hear a lot about foods that are good for our gut, including prebiotics but before you rush out and spend a fortune on kombucha did you know that un-ripened green bananas are one of the richest natural sources of resistant starch, which is a super nutrient for our gut. So if your tummy is giving you troubles, add a little unripe banana into your yoghurt or smoothie for a natural dose of prebiotics. 

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