A new infant and child nutrition partnership with Bellamy’s Organic

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As both a paediatric dietitian and as a new mum, I am thrilled to announce a new ambassador role with Bellamy’s Organic. Bellamy’s is a 100% Aussie company producing Australian made organic foods for our kids with the sole aim of giving our children ‘a pure start to life’. I have come on board with the team at Bellamys_web_logoBellamy’s as a resource to help communicate the importance of early childhood nutrition for life long health and well-being. Not only have I studied the importance of infants developing sound feeding habits as early as possible but now as a mum of 3 month old twins I have never felt more strongly about Aussie families having access to sound, evidence based nutrition and lifestyle advice to support them with this goal.  What we and our children (no matter how young they are), eat on a daily basis builds a platform for their health long term and the importance of this cannot be overstated. Busy families need practical, user friendly strategies to make healthy eating the easy option and my job with Bellamy’s is to help communicate this over the next few months.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 5.43.30 PMNaturally as a dietitian I believe that when it is possible, breastfeeding is best but it is not always an option for some mums and these mums too need access to the best available information to help guide them on their own personal feeding journeys. As such Bellamy’s not only offer a range of baby, infant and toddler formulas but also stage appropriate organic food options with 100% commitment to sourcing organic ingredients and producing toddler foods with no added salts or sugars. Such is the commitment to quality that I am extremely excited to be working with Bellamy’s to communicate this and to provide insight and guidance on new product ranges. As part of my role I will be blogging regularly, developing recipes and facilitating online interactions and will keep you updated with these new and exciting developments via my online pages and blog. I look forward to bringing you all the latest when it comes to feeding and good nutrition in childhood in conjunction with Bellamy’s.