5 reasons to buy your groceries online

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If there is one thing most of us are short on, it is time and despite the lack of time so many of us experience on a daily basis many of us still schlep to the supermarket multiple times each week wasting much time and often money. So here are 5 reasons to consider swapping your weekly trip to the supermarket and instead, buy your groceries online. And once you start, trust me, you will not look back.

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1. You will save much time and stress.

You know what it is like – the queues of people; the battle in the carpark; the time spent getting there and back; the kids nagging for items you don’t need; the items you forget and the lack of time to fit it in at all. In a time poor society, you can easily add at least an extra 2 hours into your week simply by swapping to online shopping.

2. Your nutrition will improve.

The nature of online shopping means that you need to do some meal planning prior to placing your order. Planning is the key to dietary success – when you know what healthy meals you will be preparing in advance, you are much less likely to be seduced by other high fat options purchased away from the house. Online shopping also means that you can make sure you have a ready supply of healthy snacks, veges and staple foods to ensure you always have foods on hand to eat well no matter how busy you are.

3. You will no longer be tempted at the supermarket.

You know the tricks supermarkets use to encourage us to purchase extra foods – the $1 chocolate biscuits at the end of the aisle and the 2 for 1 deals on chips, chocolates and every other crappy food you can think of. Then there are the extras we slip into the trolley when we are particularly tired, hungry, bored or emotional. Online shopping takes away all of these extras.

4. You will save money.

Consider how many extra items slip into the trolley when you go shopping. Or the impact of extra trips to the supermarket each week when you easily spend $50 or $100 each trip. Going to the supermarket less translates very simply into you spending a whole lot less and with delivery costing as little at $5, it makes a lot of sense financially to shop online.

5. You can have food delivered to work

I am not talking about your toilet paper arriving at the office, rather online shopping is a great way to have a regular delivery of lunch staples and snacks delivered straight to your office on a regular basis so that you can prepare a lower calorie healthy lunch at work. If you consider that lunches you prepare yourself such as soups, salads, wraps and salads will contain half the calories than a meal purchase at a café or food court, ordering online again makes sense from a calorie and weight control perspective.