Can I have a social life and lose weight?

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How to juggle socialising and weight loss

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Who doesn’t want to lose a few kilos? In general we know what we need to do to lose weight and often during the week we have no problems doing it. Then, the weekend comes along and in between work drinks, baby showers, weddings and socialising and despite the best of intentions all calorie control falls out the window and we start Monday right back where we started.

So how can you balance weight loss and having an active social life? It is easy, just follow these simple rules.

1. Be strict in the week

Forget a treat here and there, if you know that you spend at least 3 days each week eating and drinking, use your weekdays as a time to keep your nutrition tight and controlled. Go for light dinners of soup and fish; train and walk as many days as you can and if you want to be super strict aim for a couple of low calorie days as described in intermittent fasting regimes. Such tight calorie control a few days each week will help to buffer the days where things can get a little out of hand.

2. Keep breakfast protein rich

Once you get to the weekend, even if you have brunch dates scheduled, focus your first meal around protein – a veggie rich omelette; Greek yoghurt and fruit or a protein shake will help to keep you full all morning and help to control your appetite come afternoon.

3. Never go out hungry

You know the cupcakes and scones and sandwiches and cake you ate at the baby shower? You would have eaten half as much with the same level of enjoyment if you havd not arrived starving. Never arrive at an event starving or you will be sure to overeat. Grab a salad or protein bar beforehand so you are in a better position to make choices based on what you really feel like rather than eating everything in sight just because it is there. 

4. Don’t drink and carb

Not only does alcohol contain a significant number of calories, but as alcohol calories are burnt preferentially over both carbohydrates and fats, any food consumed when we are drinking is more likely to be stored. For this reason if you are indulging in a few (or a lot) of drinks, go easy on the carb and fat rich foods such as canapes, fried chips and snacks and chips, dip and cheese. Better options include seafood, salads and vege platters with low fat dips.

5. Go light at least once

It may be Sunday night, or a salad for lunch Saturday but the simple act of buffering any heavy ‘feed’ with a light meal or two to compensate is the easiest way you can indulge on the weekend without feeling guilty. It all comes down to choosing when you do overindulge in calories and when you have the ability to cut back rather than playing mind games all the time about the need to cut back.