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So much cheese, so little time. Which cheese is good for you?

Some people love lollies, others chocolate or cakes and then you have those among us who love nothing more than a glass of wine and a cheese plate. From traditional cheddar to spreadable cream cheese; the richer, softer cheeses and feta and haloumi we could literally talk about cheese all day. So here are the […]

How to make the perfect snack plate

Who does not love a snack plate late on a Saturday afternoon or when entertaining? I have to say that one of my favourite things is sitting down on a Friday or Saturday night with a glass of champagne and a plate of cheese, dips and crackers. Unfortunately some of our favourite savoury snacks can […]

What should you snack on when?

Planning is the key to dietary success and this means always having some snacks on hand so you do not find yourself at the vending machine at 3pm each afternoon. Always keeping a snack with you means that you will no longer become a victim of your food environment and forced to eat whatever is […]

It is the season of the savoury snacks….

Some of us love chocolate, others cake, then there are those of us who enjoy nothing more than sitting down after work with a glass of wine an platter of our favourite savoury treats – crackers, dip, cheese, olives, potato chips, corn crackers all tiny morsels that do not appear to be hiding anything sinister, […]

The need for ‘Sacred Sundays’

When was the last time that you enjoyed a whole day without any plans, commitments or social events? When you could simply be at home, in your space and do exactly what you wanted, when you wanted to? When you could sleep as long as you wanted to, take time for a little afternoon nap, […]

How to really slash your sugar intake

Nothing makes a scientist laugh more than seeing low sugar diets packed with dried fruit, rice malt syrup, dextrose and coconut sugar. While it is often claimed that these are ‘better ‘ sugars, one would argue that when you take a closer look at the chemistry, these are still all sugars – sugars that will […]

A healthy snack for kids

Each and every day I speak to busy parents about healthy snacking for kids. Unfortunately too often snacking for primary school aged children equates to bites, balls, bars, biscuits, twists and straps which not only contain much refined carbohydrate but very little in the way of nutrition. Not only do these types of snacks leave […]

How to build your diet willpower

Willpower – the ability to hold back when you need to; to not eat the entire block of chocolate; to go to the gym even when you are tired; to not stop at the fast food drive through even though you really, really want to is a term we often hear about in motivational literature. […]

Are you using your training as an excuse to eat more?

If you exercise regularly, you will know the feeling of intense hunger that can accompany regular high intensity workouts – that need to eat something immediately if not sooner and usually something high carbohydrate in nature to try and satisfy that relentless hunger. This may happen when you first arrive home after a long day […]

The 5 weekend foods that are ruining your diet

Another week goes by and before us are 2 glorious days to relax and do whatever the hell we like! How fabulous! Unfortunately when it comes to our weekend foods this can also mean way too many calories, some of which we may not even be aware of. Here are the most common weekend ‘treats’ […]