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Full cream vs Skim Milk

When I finished studying nutrition, I started clinical practice with the idealism of any 20 something professional armed with nothing other than a shiny new degree and lots of energy. It was with this enthusiasm that I preached the benefits of eating more vegetables, more dietary fibre and the crucial importance of making the change […]

Which wraps are healthiest?

Which wraps are healthiest? Wraps have become increasingly popular especially as they are perceived as a ‘heathier’ and ‘lighter’ option as a lunch choice compared to bread and even toast. Kids in particular love wraps and often food courts have a number of pre-made wraps that are packed full of fresh ingredients. Wraps can be […]

What is Shape Me and how can it help me?

I am often asked if I see clients privately and while I do see clients ½ a day a week, more often now I communicate with clients via telephone consultations or more and more frequently via Shape Me by Susie Burrell, my online program. Shape Me was developed 2 years ago after more and more […]

Three daily diet mistakes

It often comes as a surprise to clients that it is not the one off treats or restaurant or fast food meals that see our diets do of the rails, rather it is the poor dietary habits that become so deeply entrenched that we are not even aware of them. Here are the most common […]

My top 10 after school snacks

Any mother will be very familiar with the chaotic hours’ of the after school period; the rush to get home, get the children to after school activities on time along with the self reports of “starving” children eating the cupboard bare. Unfortunately Australian children are not particularly healthy when it comes to the after school […]

Packaged snacks for kids

If there is one topic sure to cause heated debate it is kids processed snack foods and their inclusion in school lunch boxes. While some parents talk about processed snacks as pure evil to be avoided at all costs, the fact is that with an ever expanding snack food section in the supermarket, plenty of parents […]

Healthy school lunch ideas

With a return to school imminent, many parents are literally counting down the hours until life becomes relatively sane again, well, at least between the hours of 9-3pm anyway. With a new school year also comes the annual healthy school lunch ideas, in which committed, organised mums are thought to spend hours preparing marinated chicken […]

5 reasons my online program, Shape Me by Susie Burrell, may be for you

How are you feeling at the moment? Energised for the year ahead? Fit and on track with your fitness goals? Or a little bloated and heavier than you would like? By the time we reach the third week of January we either tend to be on track with our nutrition or we are feeling out […]

Simple diet changes you should commit to in 2016

Forget New year’s Resolutions, they come and mostly go simply because they are often expectations which are virtually impossible to commit to and maintain long term. On the other hand, making a commitment to some strong, powerful lifestyle decisions that you work towards making deeply entrenched habits is the secret when it comes to long […]

Pregnancy Update Week 35 – It’s massive

Another 4 weeks down and what feels like a million extra kilos of weight!  I am now 35 1/2 weeks and for the first time feeling pretty heavy with these bubbas – bubbas which scans suggest are pretty big for twins and my joints, feet and hips are really feeling them. But there is only a […]

Before you sign up to online programs.

Another day, another online diet program, or so it seems…..with anyone who has ever lost weight; has an interest in green smoothies or who has taken control of their own diet and body issues, releasing an online weight loss or diet program designed to help you reap the benefits they believe they have and ideally […]

Are you feeling extra tired?

Chances are at this time of year you are already feeling pretty exhausted. While many women often feel this way, the truth is there’s a lot more to extreme fatigue than just a busy schedule. Low iron levels can leave you feeling lousy with 1 in 3 women not getting enough iron – pretty alarming stats […]