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Best and worst Christmas food and drinks

Party season naturally means party food but unfortunately a number of our favourite party foods are exceptionally high in both fat and energy. As a general rule of thumb, try and avoid anything fried and crunchy instead looking for fresh ingredients including vegetables, salad and fruit. And, if you must indulge look for small, portioned […]

Christmas party hacks

Chances are you have already overdone things a little this party season so in an attempt to prevent a full pre-Christmas blow out, here are the best Christmas party hacks to avoid a complete calorie overload. 1. Never arrive hungry If you arrive at an event ravenous you will demolish everything and anything that is […]

5 ways to stay hydrated through the party season

*This is a sponsored post* For many of us the party season starts around Melbourne Cup, quickly followed by the early end of year get-togethers then Christmas parties and of course Summer holidays. Generally speaking these social events also mean plenty of eating and drinking and unfortunately dehydration especially if your drinking tends to mean […]

5 things to know about toddler milk

*This is a sponsored post* For many parents, the toddler years can prove challenging when it comes to dietary patterns and food preferences. Small children are notoriously fussy and often parents relent and feed them whatever they will eat, which is not always ideal nutritionally. Busy parents need convenient yet nutritious and child friendly options […]

10 ways to slash 500 calories from your daily intake without noticing

The pace of modern life means that we want things instantly including weight loss. Any diet that screams instant results is always the most popular, even if it means sacrificing your metabolism and mental health as a result. And while some extreme regimes will give you relatively quick results, few are sustainable. When it comes […]

How hydration affects performance….at home, at work and at play.

When we hear the words ‘nutrition’ and ‘performance’ our thoughts generally skew to visions of elite athletes and competition. While sports nutrition is a crucial aspect of elite performance, if we consider that each and every day, every single one of us is performing at something, considering our nutrition practices and specifically our hydration habits […]

The easiest way to lose weight

Forget juice fasts, low carb diets and intermittent fasting, the easiest way to lose weight is free, readily available and an easy daily habit – just drink more water. New research published in the scientific journal Obesity (Read it here) has reported that overweight or obese men and women who were instructed to simply drink […]

A strong nutrition platform for good health

In busy modern life, many of us live with chronic stress exposure. From long working hours to exhaustive commutes. To juggling family demands with work and maintaining relationships, is it any wonder that we often return home at the end of the day and fall in a heap. Many of us are barely surviving let […]

Full cream vs Skim Milk

When I finished studying nutrition, I started clinical practice with the idealism of any 20 something professional armed with nothing other than a shiny new degree and lots of energy. It was with this enthusiasm that I preached the benefits of eating more vegetables, more dietary fibre and the crucial importance of making the change […]

Which coffee is the best for you?

If you walk down the streets of Paris on any weekday morning, you will see sleek, perfectly coiffed Parisians clutching a briefcase or designer handbag and perhaps the newspaper. If you walk down any Sydney street, you will see a very different picture; instead you will see hundreds of people holding, no make that clutching […]

Simple diet changes you should commit to in 2016

Forget New year’s Resolutions, they come and mostly go simply because they are often expectations which are virtually impossible to commit to and maintain long term. On the other hand, making a commitment to some strong, powerful lifestyle decisions that you work towards making deeply entrenched habits is the secret when it comes to long […]

Before you buy your next juice…

Our obsession with juices continues to grow with a juice part of the daily routine for many a health conscious peep whether it is prepared at home or purchased at a speciality juice bar. Whilst fruit and vegetable based juices can be exceptionally healthy, they can also be packed with sugar and become a high […]

5 ways a Zip Hydrotap has changed my life

A few weeks ago, as a Zip ambassador, I was lucky enough to have a Zip Hydrotap installed at home. Now as a nutritionist this was very exciting (small things I know!) because the thought of having ice cold, sparking and boiling water at the touch a button was sounding way too good to be […]