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5 ways a Zip Hydrotap has changed my life

A few weeks ago, as a Zip ambassador, I was lucky enough to have a Zip Hydrotap installed at home. Now as a nutritionist this was very exciting (small things I know!) because the thought of having ice cold, sparking and boiling water at the touch a button was sounding way too good to be […]

Friday Fun Day

In an ideal world, no one would have to work on Fridays – we would be a lot more productive in the week and Fridays would be the start of a standard 3 day weekend in which we could really relax and unwind. In modern life, Friday is a funny day at work. Lots of […]

The power of water

Chances are you are dehydrated right now, especially if you have not ready consumed a couple of glasses of water. In fact 75% of us are chronically dehydrated leaving us feeling far from our best on a daily basis. The message to drink more water is so simple, and the easiest thing we can do […]

The best treats….if you must indulge.

The best choice of ….. Your love may be chocolate or a really good glass of wine. Then some of us prefer some French cheese while others really enjoy a piece of cake with a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon. Even the healthiest amongst us are likely to indulge every now and again, […]

What are you drinking?

‘Liquid calories are easily consumed, rarely compensated for and a recipe for weight gain. For this reason, water should be the primary fluid of choice for all of us’ If we stuck to water with a little tea and coffee we would not have gone wrong but the growth of sugar sweetened beverages including soft […]