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Festive drinks

This is a sponsored post. Good hydration is crucial at this time of year and the warmer weather means we need to drink more. With celebratory end of year drinks frequenting your social diary, it can be challenging to drink enough fluids. So if you want to enjoy the festive season, here are some healthier […]

How much sugar is in your alcohol?

With the festive season well and truly upon us, chances are that your alcohol intake has been on the rise. While it is commonly thought that alcoholic drinks including beer and wine are packed full of sugars this is not quite true. Rather it is the sugars found in fruits or various alcoholic bases that […]

Healthy halloween recipes to make with the kids.

Mummy Pizzas Recipe makes 8 Ingredients Packet of 8 mini wholemeal pita pockets 140g tub of Leggo’s pizza sauce (1.5g sugar per tablespoon) 3 tomatoes, thinly sliced 8 button mushrooms, thinly sliced 16 thin slices of unprocessed ham 8 slices of light tasty cheese 1 jar of sliced kalamata olives Method 1. Preheat oven to […]

Sparkling water

*This is a sponsored post* When it comes to water, one of the most common questions asked is, ‘Still or sparkling?’ and following that, ‘Is sparkling water a healthy choice?’ With the warmer weather upon us, along with the need to drink more water to keep well hydrated when the temperature is soaring, knowing which […]

Best and worst Christmas food and drinks

Party season naturally means party food but unfortunately a number of our favourite party foods are exceptionally high in both fat and energy. As a general rule of thumb, try and avoid anything fried and crunchy instead looking for fresh ingredients including vegetables, salad and fruit. And, if you must indulge look for small, portioned […]

Preventing Christmas weight gain

The diet hacks you need to prevent Christmas weight gain. Chances are if you have spent the last few weeks indulging with plenty of Christmas cheer the clothes are starting to feel a little tight. The issue with gaining a couple of extra kilos at Christmas is that research suggests we rarely lose it which […]

Christmas party hacks

Chances are you have already overdone things a little this party season so in an attempt to prevent a full pre-Christmas blow out, here are the best Christmas party hacks to avoid a complete calorie overload. 1. Never arrive hungry If you arrive at an event ravenous you will demolish everything and anything that is […]

5 ways to stay hydrated through the party season

*This is a sponsored post* For many of us the party season starts around Melbourne Cup, quickly followed by the early end of year get-togethers then Christmas parties and of course Summer holidays. Generally speaking these social events also mean plenty of eating and drinking and unfortunately dehydration especially if your drinking tends to mean […]

Your Christmas Survival Guide

If you consider that an extra mince pie a day will leave you with an extra 1kg of body weight over a period of just 4 weeks, it is not difficult to see how the Christmas cheer can really pile on the kilos if we are not careful. So before you completely disregard your regular […]

Easy Christmas swaps

Try these easy Christmas swaps this year and minimise the excess calories. Swap: 10 feta stuffed peppers (1010kJ / 20g fat) for 4 marinated artichoke hearts (338kJ /6g fat) 1 tablespoon Kraft French onion dip with 6 Jatz crackers (811kJ/ 11.4g fat) for 1 tablespoon Light Philadelphia Sweet Chili Pour over with 6 wafer thins […]

Guest post: Chriss Tinslay on to Halloween or not to Halloween!

Do you really need to exercise to burn off your treats?  I don’t know about you, but my social media news feed has been filled with Halloween posts lately. Costume ideas, decorations, tricks and lots of “treat” suggestions. Along with the above, I have also seen a few of the below images… This image is driving me a little nuts to […]

Race Day Nutrition

For most runners, it’s not until the day before a big event that they start to think about getting their nutrition right. While it is important to ensure that your muscles have plenty of stored fuel, this does not mean you have to carb load to prepare. Instead, the best approach is to make sure […]