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Race Day Nutrition

For most runners, it’s not until the day before a big event that they start to think about getting their nutrition right. While it is important to ensure that your muscles have plenty of stored fuel, this does not mean you have to carb load to prepare. Instead, the best approach is to make sure […]

City2Surf 24 Hours Out. What to Eat?

With just over 24hrs to go until the big race, preparation thoughts can now turn to getting your nutrition right so you are optimally fuelled for a 14km run or walk. While ensuring that your muscles stores of glycogen are at their best, for the more recreational athletes, this does not mean you have to […]

Guest blogger Nardia Norman on breaking free from the modern womens dis-ease

Living in these modern times is hectic.  We are constantly bombarded with multiple pressures, constant stimulus and a seemingly never-ending ‘to-do’ list. Not only is there a societal expectation for women to be superwomen extraordinaire (and of course this is an expectation we put on ourselves), we are also required to look a particular way.  […]