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Superfoods for the skin

Given that skin cells are one of the body’s most frequently replaced cells, it is not surprising that a healthy diet means healthy skin. More specifically, there are a number of key nutrients including Vitamins A, C and E, zinc, long chain unsaturated fats as well as amino acids which are found in protein rich […]

Which fruit is the healthiest?

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to healthy eating is that you can eat as much fruit as you like. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but while fruit is exceptionally healthy, it does contain kilojoules, which means that it is possible to eat too much fruit. So […]

Before you buy your next juice…

Our obsession with juices continues to grow with a juice part of the daily routine for many a health conscious peep whether it is prepared at home or purchased at a speciality juice bar. Whilst fruit and vegetable based juices can be exceptionally healthy, they can also be packed with sugar and become a high […]

Negative calories

Who does not love to eat? Sure there may be the few of us who find eating regular meals and cooking a chore but nine times out of ten, individuals will describe food and eating as their greatest sources of pleasure and enjoyment. Unfortunately, food, particularly foods that we love to eat contain calories, often […]

Yet another barrier to healthy eating: removing the GST exemption from fresh food

As if it is not hard enough for Australian families to eat well – long working hours, high living costs and the well-known monopoly our 2 major supermarkets operate in mean that eating well in Australia is already challenging. While per kg prices of fresh produce may appear inexpensive, compared to meal deals at major […]

Weight loss superfoods

With plenty of big nights and skipped training sessions to make up over the next few weeks, you may be tempted to seek out an expensive ‘detox’ program that promises the world when it comes to weight loss, and leaves you eating very little. Before you go and waste your hard earned dollars on an […]