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Are you missing the big F? (It’s fibre!)

In between Paleo, low sugar and low carb dietary regimes, there is one, basic, important nutrient in our diets that has been forgotten – dietary fibre. Crucial for gut health, digestive health and to keep you regular, not getting enough fibre on a daily basis can leave you feeling bloated, heavy and fatigued. The interesting […]

What’s your tummy telling you?

Gut issues are more common than ever and the greater the tummy trouble, the more diet gets blamed. Banning gluten, grains and dairy is common, and people looking for low fodmap products is on the rise. The interesting thing about the gut is that the symptoms you present with are very good indicators of exactly […]

Introducing Shape Me Cooks.

Today I have another exciting development from Shape Me to share with you all. For those of you who are not familiar with Shape Me, Shape me is an online weight loss program that offers direct access to a dietitian and caters to a number of key dietary requirements including gluten free, PCOS, low FODMAPS […]

What is Shape Me and how can it help me?

I am often asked if I see clients privately and while I do see clients ½ a day a week, more often now I communicate with clients via telephone consultations or more and more frequently via Shape Me by Susie Burrell, my online program. Shape Me was developed 2 years ago after more and more […]

5 reasons my online program, Shape Me by Susie Burrell, may be for you

How are you feeling at the moment? Energised for the year ahead? Fit and on track with your fitness goals? Or a little bloated and heavier than you would like? By the time we reach the third week of January we either tend to be on track with our nutrition or we are feeling out […]

My top gluten free products

Gluten free eating coped a bashing last week, and although not all gluten free foods are healthy, even though they masquerade as being so, there are a number of great gluten free foods available, which may be important for the 700000+ people in Australia who do need to eat gluten free. So, for those peeps, […]

10 Reasons Why Shape Me may be your ultimate diet solution

1. Shape Me allows you to choose your diet Whether you need a diet for insulin resistance or for gluten free, vegan or a low FODMAPS diet, Shape Me offers the calories controlled meal plan to suit you. You get to choose the diet you want based on your age, activity levels, food preferences and […]

Product review of the week: Gluten Free Weetbix

Product Name: Gluten Free Weetbix Nutritionals per serve: 119cal, 3.2g protein, 1.1g fat, 22.7g carbs, 1.1g sugars, 2g fibre, 3g iron Ingredients: Wholegrain sorghum (78%), rice flour (9%), sunflower kernels (9%), golden syrup, salt, rice bran, vitamins (E, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, folate), mineral (iron). Pros: A light, gluten free cereal option especially for kids who […]

Product review of the week: Paul’s Zymil Low Fat Lactose Free Milk

Product Name: Paul’s Zymil Low Fat Lactose Free Milk Nutritionals (Per 250ml serve): 485kJ (116cal), 8.5g protein, 13g total carbs, 13g sugars, 3.3g total fat, 275mg calcium Pros: A low fat, lactose free milk that tastes like real milk. Cons: None I can find! Rating: 5 stars. Gold standard product for those needing lactose free […]

Product review of the week: Freedom Foods Active Balance Cereal

Product Name: Freedom Foods Active Balance Cereal. Where does it come from: Australian owned Freedom Foods. Nutritionals: 778kJ (185cal), 4.9g protein, 28.2g carbs, 7.5g protein per serve. Pros: Only gluten free breakfast cereal that contains pre-biotics – a special type of fibre that feeds the good bacteria in the gut. Cons: Breakfast cereal is a […]

Product review of the week: Freedom Foods Kids Milk Snacks

Product Name: Freedom Foods Kids Milk Drinks – Tropico’s & Cocoa Crush Where does it come from: Freedom Foods, an Australian Owned Company who specialises in foods catering for those with special dietary requirements Where to buy it: Health food section of major supermarkets Nutritionals: With No Added Sugar, 6g of protein and 3g of […]

Shape Me, the 30 day plan is here!

After fifteen years working as a dietitian in private practice, I cannot do it anymore! It has got to the point where I cannot see any more clients than I am already seeing and hence the development of Shape Me, the 30 day plan by Susie Burrell which was officially launched yesterday. Visit Shape Me […]