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The ideal school lunch

With a return to school imminent, many parents are literally counting down the hours until life becomes relatively sane again, well, at least between the hours of 9-3pm anyway. With a new school year also comes the annual school lunchbox recommendations, in which committed, organised mums are thought to spend hours preparing marinated chicken drumsticks, […]

Product review of the week: Australia’s Own Kid’s Milk

Product Name: Australia’s Own Kid’s Milk Nutritionals per 200ml serve: 406kJ (96cal), 6.8g, 3g fat, 2g saturated fat, 10.4g carbs, 10g sugars, 230mg calcium. Ingredients: Low fat Aussie Dairy Milk (98%), Strawberry or cocoa powder (0.4-0.7%), Natural Flavours, Added Vitamins & Minerals. Pros: Calcium, protein drink with no added sugars that the kids will be […]

Product review of the week: Freedom Foods Kids Milk Snacks

Product Name: Freedom Foods Kids Milk Drinks – Tropico’s & Cocoa Crush Where does it come from: Freedom Foods, an Australian Owned Company who specialises in foods catering for those with special dietary requirements Where to buy it: Health food section of major supermarkets Nutritionals: With No Added Sugar, 6g of protein and 3g of […]