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Learn to stop overeating

Are you an overeater? At some point, we have all done it and it happens for a range of different reasons – overeating. Boredom; access to large volumes of tasty food and not having the ability to identify real hunger just a few of the reasons that we may find ourselves eating far more than […]

The need for ‘Sacred Sundays’

When was the last time that you enjoyed a whole day without any plans, commitments or social events? When you could simply be at home, in your space and do exactly what you wanted, when you wanted to? When you could sleep as long as you wanted to, take time for a little afternoon nap, […]

How to build your diet willpower

Willpower – the ability to hold back when you need to; to not eat the entire block of chocolate; to go to the gym even when you are tired; to not stop at the fast food drive through even though you really, really want to is a term we often hear about in motivational literature. […]

Building your nutrition platform this Spring

Good nutrition ultimately comes down to developing strong daily food habits that help to build a strong nutrition platform. We all have days when we overindulge or eat more than we should, but having a strong baseline diet ensures that we can return to good habits quickly and keep our mind and body functioning at […]

How to start the week right

Start the day right If your Monday mornings routinely begin with you rushing out the door with nothing other than your laptop and a cup of instant coffee, the chance that you will be feeling good about your week and ready to eat well are slim. If though you take time each Monday morning to […]

Take control of your food week

The start of another week inevitably sees many of us commit to a series of health and fitness resolutions with plans for this being the week in which we start becoming leaner fitter and healthier. So before you begin another week with yet another diet or exercise regime that you are unlikely to sustain, why not […]

Top tips for long term weight success

 Over the weekend I presented at the Fitness and Health Expo ( down in Melbourne on my top tips for long term weight success. I thought you all might be interested in these as well. Planning is the key to dietary success Nutrition may seem complicated and indeed, some of the biochemistry and applied physiology is technical […]