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The pros and cons of dieting

Every week there is a new diet and weight loss, nutrition and diets remain popular across all media outlets. Yet there are also plenty of health professionals who aggressively argue against dieting. So the question is should you diet at all? Here are some of the pros and cons of dieting so you can make […]

Why isn’t my diet working?

The real reasons your diet is not working We often hear that we are eating too much, or not enough. That the times we are eating are all wrong, or our macros are out of balance but in reality, the reasons I see my clients not achieving their weight loss goals are far more simple. […]

The reasons we eat

Why are you eating? In an ideal scenario we would eat when we were hungry, and stop when we were full but let’s be honest, such a simplistic approach to food is far from the reality in which most of us live. Rather we eat when we are happy. We eat when we are sad […]

How to survive Easter

This is a sponsored post. The supermarkets are full of Hot Cross Buns, the smell of all things chocolate and eggs is in the year and the holidays are almost here – who doesn’t love Easter time? The only downside of all the feasting and joy is that we do tend to overeat, and this […]

Burning calories without the gym

If you hate going to the gym I have good news for you. There are plenty of daily activities that you can engage in regularly to significantly increase the number of calories you burn on a daily basis. And even if some do not seem all that appealing there is sure to be a couple […]

So many decisions…

Diets tend to work for as long as we are able to stick to them. In fact, of all the diet research that is available, there is no real difference between the outcomes of many different diets, whether they are low fat, high carb, high protein – over time people lose similar amounts of weight, […]

Get motivated…..NOW!

One of the most common questions I am asked by clients is about motivation – how to find it, how to keep it and what the secret is to keeping it going. Unfortunately there is no easy answer. Motivation is complicated. Ultimately it is about finding a reason to do something because you really want […]

Learn to stop overeating

Are you an overeater? At some point, we have all done it and it happens for a range of different reasons – overeating. Boredom; access to large volumes of tasty food and not having the ability to identify real hunger just a few of the reasons that we may find ourselves eating far more than […]

The need for ‘Sacred Sundays’

When was the last time that you enjoyed a whole day without any plans, commitments or social events? When you could simply be at home, in your space and do exactly what you wanted, when you wanted to? When you could sleep as long as you wanted to, take time for a little afternoon nap, […]