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Take control of your food week

The start of another week inevitably sees many of us commit to a series of health and fitness resolutions with plans for this being the week in which we start becoming leaner fitter and healthier. So before you begin another week with yet another diet or exercise regime that you are unlikely to sustain, why not […]

Top tips for long term weight success

 Over the weekend I presented at the Fitness and Health Expo ( down in Melbourne on my top tips for long term weight success. I thought you all might be interested in these as well. Planning is the key to dietary success Nutrition may seem complicated and indeed, some of the biochemistry and applied physiology is technical […]

10 Reasons Why Shape Me may be your ultimate diet solution

1. Shape Me allows you to choose your diet Whether you need a diet for insulin resistance or for gluten free, vegan or a low FODMAPS diet, Shape Me offers the calories controlled meal plan to suit you. You get to choose the diet you want based on your age, activity levels, food preferences and […]

Be Kind.

A couple of weeks ago I was in an airport lounge and got a little too excited at the soup station and managed to bring an entire stack of bowls crashing down and smashing all over the floor. As you can imagine it was mortifying and there was a good deal of time where I […]

Getting serious about weight loss

The most frequently cited New Year’s Resolution is weight loss, yet few of us move on from January 1st to actually achieve lasting results. How can that be? We have a myriad of information sources, weight loss programs, gyms and motivational experts to consult yet we remain frustrated and 5-10kg heavier than we would like […]

Surviving the party season!

The party season has well and truly arrived and for most of us this means the start of numerous celebrations, parties and family functions which translates into 4-6 weeks of constant eating and drinking. Unfortunately this tends to mean weight gain. In fact, research from The New England Journal of Medicine suggests that adults gain […]

Guest blog: Nutritionist Jessica Cox on turning weight loss on its head

On the blog today I am so thrilled to share the beautiful words of Nutritionist Jessica Cox. Jessica maintains a beautiful website and blog on all things healthy along with the most amazing recipes - And today she shares her thoughts on weight loss. Weight loss sells millions. The majority of those millions are spent […]