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Getting serious about weight loss

The most frequently cited New Year’s Resolution is weight loss, yet few of us move on from January 1st to actually achieve lasting results. How can that be? We have a myriad of information sources, weight loss programs, gyms and motivational experts to consult yet we remain frustrated and 5-10kg heavier than we would like […]

Surviving the party season!

The party season has well and truly arrived and for most of us this means the start of numerous celebrations, parties and family functions which translates into 4-6 weeks of constant eating and drinking. Unfortunately this tends to mean weight gain. In fact, research from The New England Journal of Medicine suggests that adults gain […]

Guest blog: Nutritionist Jessica Cox on turning weight loss on its head

On the blog today I am so thrilled to share the beautiful words of Nutritionist Jessica Cox. Jessica maintains a beautiful website and blog on all things healthy along with the most amazing recipes - And today she shares her thoughts on weight loss. Weight loss sells millions. The majority of those millions are spent […]

What I learnt from John McGrath

When I was 25 years old, a year after finishing my second Honours degree at uni, my career reached at point in which I needed to make some major decisions. I would either continue on the path I was on, working full time at a hospital or I would start to work for myself, and […]

Winter Weight Gain

The Winter Blues Well, it is that time of year again. The cold weather has set in and it is getting harder to get out of bed in the morning to go for your daily walk. The kilos are beginning to pile on, but hey, underneath those big jumpers and tracksuits what does it matter? […]

Guest post: Champion marathon runnner, Vlad Shatrov, on how to stay motivated.

This week we are very lucky to have Vlad Shatrov – one of Australia’s top ultra endurance runners blog for us, and you will not a greater insight yet more simple message of how to stay motivated - I’m often asked about my mindset, well the mindset of a long distance runner at least. How do you […]

Why not try a life detox?

A New Year = a New Start and not just in terms of your health and fitness goals. Now while the word “detox” is usually used to describe a strict regime of juices and potions which promise rapid weight loss, if we translate the concept of “detox” into a general approach in which we review, […]

New Year, New Start

How fabulous is the feeling that a brand shiny New Year is here? An opportunity to start afresh, with clear diaries and with the potential to build and work towards a successful, fulfilling 2014. Whether you are looking for the year ahead to be better than the last; or wanting it is signify change and […]