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Product review of the week: Goodness Superfoods FibreBoost Bars

Product Name: Goodness Superfoods FibreBoost Bars Where does it come from: Goodness Superfoods – an Australian owned brand committed to producing healthy food options. Nutritionals: A fibre rich (9g), low sugar (5g), 125 calorie snack bar. Pros: Particularly high in fibre and low in sugar for a carb based snack bar. Cons: May not be […]

Product review of the week: Carman’s Gourmet Porridge Sachets

Product Name: Carman’s Gourmet Porridge Sachets Where does it come from: Carman’s Kitchen – an Australian whole foods company Nutritionals: A protein, fibre rich portion controlled oat option which taste fantastic with various flavours. Low in sugars (4.6 grams of sugars per serve) and low GI with 22 grams of total carbs per serve. Pros: […]

Product review of the week: Freedom Foods Kids Milk Snacks

Product Name: Freedom Foods Kids Milk Drinks – Tropico’s & Cocoa Crush Where does it come from: Freedom Foods, an Australian Owned Company who specialises in foods catering for those with special dietary requirements Where to buy it: Health food section of major supermarkets Nutritionals: With No Added Sugar, 6g of protein and 3g of […]

Product review of the week: Chobani Yoghurt

Product Name: Chobani Greek Style Yoghurt. Where does it come from: Chobani is the No 1 yoghurt in the USA but is now also manufactured in Victoria. Where to buy it: At all major supermarkets but be fast, supplies run out quickly. Nutritionals: Nutritionally very strong with more protein and less carbohydrates than many yoghurts. The plain Greek […]