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New product alert – Pumpkin Seed MUNCH

It has been a long time since I have found a new product that I am a big fan of. It seems that any packaged food, even if it is better nutritionally than others contains additives such as sugar that will send social media into a frenzy if I dare mention it. For this reason […]

The worst snacks for kids

A quick scan of any toddler’s playground or mums enjoying a mid-morning break at the local coffee shop will see any array of brightly coloured snack food packs being fed to small children in an attempt to keep them quiet, for a few minutes at least. What always surprises me is that popular snacks for […]

Which wraps are healthiest?

Which wraps are healthiest? Wraps have become increasingly popular especially as they are perceived as a ‘healthier’ and ‘lighter’ option as a lunch choice compared to bread and even toast. Kids in particular love wraps and often food courts have a number of pre-made wraps that are packed full of fresh ingredients. Wraps can be […]

Packaged snacks for kids

If there is one topic sure to cause heated debate it is kids processed snack foods and their inclusion in school lunch boxes. While some parents talk about processed snacks as pure evil to be avoided at all costs, the fact is that with an ever expanding snack food section in the supermarket, plenty of parents […]

I bet an ice-cream is sounding pretty good today?

If there is one food likely to be on your mind today chances are it is an ice-cream and the good news is that there are a number of cold treats that can satisfy your cravings for something icy cold without too many extra calories. Here are some of the best and worst choices. 1. […]

How to choose a healthy sausage

The sensationalised media reports a few weeks back linking the intake of processed meat including sausages to an increased risk of bowel cancer were like many a diet headline, a tad simplistic. In fact you could be forgiven after reading or hearing these reports for thinking that a few strips of bacon with your eggs […]

A healthy snack for kids

Each and every day I speak to busy parents about healthy snacking for kids. Unfortunately too often snacking for primary school aged children equates to bites, balls, bars, biscuits, twists and straps which not only contain much refined carbohydrate but very little in the way of nutrition. Not only do these types of snacks leave […]

5 ways a Zip Hydrotap has changed my life

A few weeks ago, as a Zip ambassador, I was lucky enough to have a Zip Hydrotap installed at home. Now as a nutritionist this was very exciting (small things I know!) because the thought of having ice cold, sparking and boiling water at the touch a button was sounding way too good to be […]

My top 5 snack bars at the moment.

Any type of snack bar routinely gets much criticism for being ‘processed’ and ‘high in sugar’. Now I agree that the majority of the snack bars marketed as lunchbox fillers for kids are highly processed, high in added sugar and are a source of largely ‘empty’ calories. For busy adults though there are a number […]

My top 5 yoghurts

The yoghurt section of the supermarket is nothing short of overwhelming. In fact, it seems as if there is a new yoghurt on the market every week! So, to make things a little easier, here are my top 5 yoghurt choices (in no particular order) and the reasons why I like them. Chobani Greek Yoghurt […]

Foods you will never me eating

On the blog we often talk about foods I suggest or brands I like for a specific nutritional reason. Just for a change to day I thought I would share with you the foods you will never see me eating and the reasons why. Vegetable oil Usually a mix of palm and a couple of […]

My top gluten free products

Gluten free eating coped a bashing last week, and although not all gluten free foods are healthy, even though they masquerade as being so, there are a number of great gluten free foods available, which may be important for the 700000+ people in Australia who do need to eat gluten free. So, for those peeps, […]

Product review: Be Natural Thai Sweet Chilli Dry Roasted Fava Beans

Product Name: Be Natural Thai Sweet Chilli Dry Roasted Fava Beans Nutritionals Per 22g serve: 350kJ (88cal), 6.2g protein, 10.1g carbs, 0.9g sugars, 2.3g fibre Ingredients: Fava beans (91%), thai sweet chilli seasoning (sugar, natural extracts [onion, garlic, rosemary, spices, flavours], spices [paprika, cayenne pepper], salt, mineral salt [potassium chloride], yeast extract, tomato powder, food acid […]

Cold and flu remedies.

Feeling a little off this Winter? Now eating well and increasing your intake of fluid can be considered pretty standard treatments to help the body fight infection but what about the myriad of supplements and herbal remedies out there? As research findings grow, there are more and more proven natural remedies out there which are definitely […]