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Packaged snacks for kids

If there is one topic sure to cause heated debate it is kids processed snack foods and their inclusion in school lunch boxes. While some parents talk about processed snacks as pure evil to be avoided at all costs, the fact is that with an ever expanding snack food section in the supermarket, plenty of parents […]

Are you feeling extra tired?

Chances are at this time of year you are already feeling pretty exhausted. While many women often feel this way, the truth is there’s a lot more to extreme fatigue than just a busy schedule. Low iron levels can leave you feeling lousy with 1 in 3 women not getting enough iron – pretty alarming stats […]

Easy Christmas swaps

Try these easy Christmas swaps this year and minimise the excess calories. Swap: 10 feta stuffed peppers (1010kJ / 20g fat) for 4 marinated artichoke hearts (338kJ /6g fat) 1 tablespoon Kraft French onion dip with 6 Jatz crackers (811kJ/ 11.4g fat) for 1 tablespoon Light Philadelphia Sweet Chili Pour over with 6 wafer thins […]

Family Food Efficiency

Last week I sat with one of my clients, a young mum with 3 small children, juggling full time work; her relationship and three busy, demanding little people and listened to her describe her busy, frantic world. The mum had come for advice on ways to feed her family better, especially since she had noticed […]

Sneak peak: The Healthy Chef: Purely Delicious Cookbook By Teresa Cutter. Try her Green Pea + Spinach Risotto

Green Pea + Spinach Risotto Serve 2 This makes for a perfect pre-workout meal that nourishes your body without weighing you down. Rich in antioxidants and packed with protein and iron for sustained energy. Ingredients 60 g (2 oz) raw carnaroli rice 2 cups good-quality vegetable or chicken stock, hot 250 g (8 oz) peas […]

Macular Degeneration

While many of us are aware that we should have our cholesterol levels checked regularly and that it is important to visit the skin doctor every so often to make sure that our skin has not been exposed to too much sun, very few of us consider how important our eye health is. In fact, […]

Teresa Cutter’s Organic Matcha Green Tea

For any followers of health trends overseas, you are likely to have heard of ‘matcha’ – the specially grown green tea powder that is packed full of antioxidants and a popular addition to lattes, smoothies and baking. Matcha is grown slightly differently to regular green tea and as such is slightly different nutritionally with a […]