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What is Shape Me and how can it help me?

I am often asked if I see clients privately and while I do see clients ½ a day a week, more often now I communicate with clients via telephone consultations or more and more frequently via Shape Me by Susie Burrell, my online program. Shape Me was developed 2 years ago after more and more […]

Packaged snacks for kids

If there is one topic sure to cause heated debate it is kids processed snack foods and their inclusion in school lunch boxes. While some parents talk about processed snacks as pure evil to be avoided at all costs, the fact is that with an ever expanding snack food section in the supermarket, plenty of parents […]

5 reasons my online program, Shape Me by Susie Burrell, may be for you

How are you feeling at the moment? Energised for the year ahead? Fit and on track with your fitness goals? Or a little bloated and heavier than you would like? By the time we reach the third week of January we either tend to be on track with our nutrition or we are feeling out […]

Are you feeling extra tired?

Chances are at this time of year you are already feeling pretty exhausted. While many women often feel this way, the truth is there’s a lot more to extreme fatigue than just a busy schedule. Low iron levels can leave you feeling lousy with 1 in 3 women not getting enough iron – pretty alarming stats […]

The myth of Christmas weight gain

With the Christmas holidays just a few short weeks away, along with the many eating occasions that accompany it, it may surprise you to hear me say that holidays do not necessarily have to result in weight gain, in fact, the way I see it, they are offer a great opportunity for weight loss. Not […]

A diary of my pregnancy. Update #1.

Now for anyone who has no interest in hormones, pregnancy, children and talking about yourself in general this is not the blog for you. On the other hand, if you are kind of interested in how things are going with my little twins on board I thought I would give you a little update every […]

Why are we feeding our kids so much junk?

Working as a paediatric dietitian at a tertiary hospital for almost 10 years specialising in childhood obesity taught me many years ago that our kids eat too much. Case after case I would see families with children weighing 20-30kg more than their ideal body weight and work towards reducing their food intake even slightly to […]