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5 reasons my online program, Shape Me by Susie Burrell, may be for you

How are you feeling at the moment? Energised for the year ahead? Fit and on track with your fitness goals? Or a little bloated and heavier than you would like? By the time we reach the third week of January we either tend to be on track with our nutrition or we are feeling out […]

My top 5 snack bars at the moment.

Any type of snack bar routinely gets much criticism for being ‘processed’ and ‘high in sugar’. Now I agree that the majority of the snack bars marketed as lunchbox fillers for kids are highly processed, high in added sugar and are a source of largely ‘empty’ calories. For busy adults though there are a number […]

The top 5 ways to stop eating too much

Hands up if you regularly go to bed feeling slightly hungry – it never happens does it? All too often we are in a daily habit of eating way too much and generally feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. Unfortunately it is this slight overeating on a daily basis that tends to cause weight issues long term […]

My top five salads

We may know that we need to eat more salad to get all of the key nutrients including fibre, Vitamin K and other goodies that fresh salad vegetables but offer but busy lives can make it tough. Here are my top five salads that serve a perfect lunch balance that you can literally put together […]