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The Christmas rules

It may seem a little early but the reality is that many of us will start the Christmas party season very soon, and hence we need to be on top of things if we are going to prevent weight gain over the next 5-6 weeks. So, here are the rules, guaranteed to keep your weight […]

Why adding salad is futile

Whenever I am woken by the telephone at 6am usually it is the radio calling for an early morning interview, inevitably because one of the fast food chains has promoted a new initiative and yesterday it was McDonalds starting to offer salad as well as fries when you order a burger. There are so many […]

Why am I not losing weight?

Why am I not losing weight? – Perhaps the most common question from clients who appear to be doing everything they can to support weight loss. They are going to the gym, cutting back on carbs and not drinking during the week and yet the kg won’t seem to budge. Here are the most common […]

Why it is irresponsible to sell Cheezels for 95c

We all love them, and if you are as old as I am you are likely to have grown up with the brightly coloured, extruded party snacks affectionately known in this country as “Cheezels”. I love these tasty little treats as much as you do, memories of childhood birthday parties and all things 80”s triggered […]

Should we have a fat tax?

As our very own PM knows all too well, nothing can alter public opinion as quickly as talk of another tax can, and as expected after the relatively fit and health Danes announced this weekend that they would be adopting a “fat tax”, it seems that many thin and fat Aussies are more than happy […]

To Dukan or not to Dukan?

Any bestselling diet whether it be Atkins, South Beach or the Dukan will create headline news, as the millions and millions of overweight adults around the world search for the elusive answer to their long term weight issues. In turn, any heavily marketed diet will also warrant much criticism, from both health professionals who revert […]

Should vending machines be banned?

Last week I consulted a female professional for weight loss. My client works 12+ hour days, largely desk bound in a role she studied for more than 5 years at university to be able to do at an international firm. Since beginning work in this industry more than ten years ago, my client has gained […]

To muesli or not to muesli?

For many, it comes as a surprise that muesli may not be the best breakfast choice, particularly if you are wanting to lose weight. CHOICE today released a report in which more than 100 different types of muesli were reviewed, and reported that a large number of mueslis commonly marketed as “healthy”, “low in sugar”, […]

24hr before the City2Surf-What should you be eating?

With less than 24hrs to go until the big race, preparation thoughts can now turn to getting your nutrition right so you are optimally fuelled for a 14km run or walk. While ensuring that your muscles stores of glycogen are at their best, for the more recreational athletes, this does not mean you have to […]

Are you a food addict?

Food addiction is a topic that comes up rather frequently in weight loss chat rooms and diet blogs as individuals struggling with their weight will describe a state in which they feel completely out of control with their food and their eating. Descriptions of this out of control behaviour include eating frenzies in which entire […]

How to have your cake and eat it too!

At times, most of us will indulge and eat something that has far more calories than we need. A sweet treat with a cup of coffee and a chat with a favourite friend can be one of life’s simple pleasures but also one of life’s calorie overloads if we are not careful. Here are the […]

Getting your recovery right for City to Surf

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to be an elite athlete to benefit from recovering with the right fuel mix after training. In fact, if you are training several times each week as you prepare for the City to Surf, in addition to balancing work and family commitments, a good recovery program is […]

The best oil?

A few years back we were all told to cook with vegetable oil, then we switched to olive oil and now there is an entire range of oils to choose from including rice bran, avocado and macadamia oils all reported to have various health benefits. So, which oil should you use, when should you use […]

What do dietitians eat?

I am often asked what I eat and as much as I would love to be a diet purist I do really like to eat, especially savoury sancks like cheese and pate. On a daily basis though, I do try and make sure I eat as many vegetables as I can, and also support good […]

Getting your diet right for the City to Surf

Despite the Winter gloom, it has been great to hear that many people have committed to training for the upcoming running events around Australia. Not only is running one of the biggest calorie burners, there are also fantastic benefits associated with getting out and about, having a regular schedule and eating well to support your […]

When are you coming to Hawaii?

In life, for us to truly embrace the “joie de vibre” or the “joy of life” we need to have great loves and one of my great loves is an annual trip to Hawaii. Some people love to chill in a Balinese shack, others to ski in Japan or Aspen and then there are the […]

Should you be counting carbs?

If you constantly struggle with getting the right balance in your diet and cannot give any more energy to counting calories, sometimes the simple act of checking how many carbs you are eating per meal and snack is enough to keep you on the right track. Ideally we are aiming for 20-30g of total carbs […]