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Get motivated…..NOW!

One of the most common questions I am asked by clients is about motivation – how to find it, how to keep it and what the secret is to keeping it going. Unfortunately there is no easy answer. Motivation is complicated. Ultimately it is about finding a reason to do something because you really want […]

The real secret to weight control

Imagine if there was just one thing you needed to do to successfully lose weight? With the myriad of weight loss solutions, diets and programs available, imagine if it was really that simple. Well it is. After more than fifteen years seeing clients for weight loss, there is one common factor that stands out above […]

What is Shape Me and how can it help me?

I am often asked if I see clients privately and while I do see clients ½ a day a week, more often now I communicate with clients via telephone consultations or more and more frequently via Shape Me by Susie Burrell, my online program. Shape Me was developed 2 years ago after more and more […]