Christmas party hacks

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Chances are you have already overdone things a little this party season so in an attempt to prevent a full pre-Christmas blow out, here are the best Christmas party hacks to avoid a complete calorie overload.

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1. Never arrive hungry

If you arrive at an event ravenous you will demolish everything and anything that is in sight. Take the edge of by simply grabbing a protein rich snack an hour or two before you head out such as some cheese and crackers, a protein or nut bar or some Greek yoghurt. This way you will be much more in control of your food choices throughout the event.

2. Stand away from the food

Did you know we will double the amount of food when we can see it?! For this reason standing well away from any buffets and smorgasbords will naturally help to control your calorie intake. Instinct tells us to say yes to food when it is offered, which means the less we are offered, the less we will eat.

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3. Stick to a canapé limit

With the average canapé containing 200 calories, you can see how easy it can be to be victim of a complete calorie overload at parties. Limit yourself to just 3 canapés at any one function and ensure that you eat a soup or salad at some point during the day to compensate for the extra party calories that are found in chips, dip and pastries.

4. Avoid the high fat traps

While pastry based treats, cheese and dips can be exceptionally high in fat and kilojoules, the good news is that there is also a range of many lower kilojoules snacks that still taste fantastic. Look for popcorn, breadsticks, low fat dips and crackers and seafood based snacks.

5. Keep a close eye on the drinks

As is the case with activity, the festive season should not be seen as an excuse to forget your personal limits with your alcohol intake. Try and have two alcohol-free days each week to give your liver a break, drink plenty of water and be aware of high calorie mixers such as juice, and soft drink. When it comes to making the best choices, as a general rule of thumb, vodka, lime and soda and champagne contain the fewest calories.

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