Coaching yourself to a more fulfilling 2019!

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Some of you may be aware that over the past 7 (yes 7!) years I have been completing a Masters in Coaching Psychology. I originally studied psychology as part of my undergraduate studies and always planned to continue study in this area. Fast-forward 10 plus years and I began this Master’s degree part time and have slowly been completing it. My final subject was a research piece on self-control and its role in the self-regulation of behavioural change. My long term plan is to continue with research in this area as I find exploring the underpinnings of behavioural change to support goal attainment fascinating, and of particular interest working with people in the area of behavioural change on a daily basis in my work as a dietitian. 

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So where to now? This is the first step in a planned gradual career shift into the world of coaching. Coaching is the process in which a coach and a coachee engage in a relationship that seeks out goal attainment for a coachee. Here a coaches role is to guide the coachee through the cycle of change utilising a series of evidence based steps and interventions to facilitate goal outcome. Unlike pure dietetics work in which my role is to be the expert in providing dietary advice, a coach is not an expert, rather a partner in the change process. While a dietitian can behave as a coach to a certain extent, a coach is also able to work across a range of life or work areas in which one seeks change, hence an expansion to the services I will be offering at my clinic in Bondi Junction.

In addition to my dietary practice, I now also offer coaching sessions. Here I am able to work across a range of life domains – work, relationships, personal growth, health and fitness, career change, life satisfaction to name a few areas in which you have a specific goal, or for which you are seeking support in making change. Coaching sessions generally occur over a series of several weeks. Working with a professional coach can be an enjoyable, enlightening, sometimes challenging but generally fulfilling experience. I find it extremely gratifying as a professional working with individuals and helping them to achieve goals they have for themselves and their lives and I am really looking forward to continuing to expand my work in this area. 

I will be seeing clients in Bondi Junction on Thursday afternoons and evenings so please get in touch if you feel like some professional coaching could help you to achieve your goals in 2019.