CO Q10 and anti-aging

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For anyone who is keen to optimise health and supplement their dietary intake where they can to help slow the natural cellular aging process, chances are they have heard of CO Q10. A naturally produced molecule, CO Q10 is involved in a number of cellular processes in the body including energy production, cell generation and thanks to its antioxidant capacity helps to protect the cells from damage. Of particular interest is the fact that CO Q10 is known to be lower in individuals who are suffering from cancer, heart disease and some neurological conditions including Parkinson’s Disease. It is for this reason that CO Q10 is often sought out as a dietary supplement to promote health in individuals suffering from these conditions.

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Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.31.06 AMWhen we take a closer look at the scientific evidence, there is good evidence for the use of CO Q10 in individuals who suffer from high blood pressure, heart failure or if they have a clinical CO Q10 deficiency caused by other health conditions or secondary to taking particular types of medication. Of most interest is that there is also some evidence to suggest that supplementing with CO Q10 if you have cancer, macular degeneration and to help prevent the visible signs of aging may have some benefit. It is for this reason that seeking out a sound source of CO Q10 in the right doses may indeed support your overall approach to aging, health and well-being. 

Most importantly, no matter what supplement you use to compliment your lifestyle, nothing beats a good diet. Ideally we want to ensure our diets are loaded up with fresh fruits and veges, good fats and lean proteins to naturally offer it the essential nutrients it needs to protect cells from damage on a daily basis. The brighter the colour of the fresh fruit and vege, the higher the antioxidant content will generally be. Good fats play a crucial role acting as natural anti-inflammatory’s and proteins found in eggs, lean meats and fish help with cell generation and recovery on a daily basis. 

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