So many decisions…

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Diets tend to work for as long as we are able to stick to them. In fact, of all the diet research that is available, there is no real difference between the outcomes of many different diets, whether they are low fat, high carb, high protein – over time people lose similar amounts of weight, for as long as they stick to any particular diet.

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What then happens though is we do go off our diets, regularly. We skip a meal here, allow an extra treat there and before you know it, 3 or 5 of the 10kg you have lost have been regained. The reason for this is that ultimately, if we are really committed to losing weight and keeping it off 90% of our food decisions need to be made with weight control in mind. No more, “I’m on a diet”, or “I’m off”; in the environment in which we live, in which food is so readily available and activity so scarce, we need to remain conscious of our food decisions 90% of the time. This means that each and every time we order off a menu, make a lunch choice or choose a snack, we need to keep our basic food rules in mind. Sure there are special occasions but at least Monday to Friday and for most of the day, we need to make this commitment or our weight will always be something that is always out of control.

Changing habits is not easy, it takes weeks if not months of mindfulness, conscious decisions and ultimately lifelong commitment but keeping the constant reminder of health and fitness at the forefront of your mind for the bulk of food decisions that you make on a daily basis will ultimately give you control of your weight and your body, for life and that is a very empowering way to live.