How many of us suffer from dehydration?

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If there was one simple step you could take to improve you and your family’s health and well-being, why would you not take it? Well one of the easiest, simplest and cost effective ways to improve our health on a daily basis is to drink more water. Yep, the clear stuff. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Yet how much have you had today?

Indeed it seems that very few of us are getting the message when it comes to the benefits associated with keeping well-hydrated, especially in a hot climate like Australia with 75% of Aussies suffering from dehydration at any one point in time. Think about it – fatigue, headaches, joint pain, perceived effort – all signs and symptoms that we are just not drinking enough water. And our kids are no better – juices, soft drinks and flavoured liquids often taking the place of water on a daily basis.

So what can you do about it? Forget trying to remember your water bottle or fighting with the kids about drinking more water instead of juice. The answer may be a little simpler than you even imagined. There was no complicated reasons or calculations to explain why this was the case. Rather it appears that when it comes to drinking more water, taste, convenience, readily available bubbly water as is offered in the new HydroTap models and environmental considerations were all powerful motivators when it comes to reaching for more water on a daily basis.
It makes sense. Human beings do what is easy, and they do what they like. In the case of having a Zip HydroTap installed at home, not only is it the easy option to reach for some chilled, still or sparking water but most importantly the water tastes amazing. Time and time again the great fresh taste of Zip filtered water has been proven. For the kids this means reaching for a glass or bottle of chilled water is fun and easy; for the men it encourages water consumption in general and for mum it means no more bottles clogging up the fridge and the garbage bin.

Known as ‘The Zip Effect’, drinking more water, means feeling more ‘Woohoo’ as keeping well-hydrated is linked to improved energy and concentration, improved digestive function; toxin and fluid elimination as well as appetite and weight control. Most importantly, drinking more water on a daily basis also becomes a deeply entrenched habit when a Zip HydroTap is installed at home.

And I can vow for this benefit since I had a Zip HydroTap installed in my own home 12 months ago. Suddenly there were no more soda water bottles filling my fridge or arguments with teenagers about not drinking soft drink. The whole family now fills their water bottles from the HydroTap on a daily basis; I constantly use the boiling water feature to heat bottles for my 8 month old twins and my husband, who rarely drank any water before drinks much more water on a daily basis. Everyone has benefited and best of all, without them even realising it.

Most importantly for me as a health care professional, is knowing that thanks to the unique technology of Zip HydroTap that the water my family drinks is safe and clean. Zip’s micron-filtration system removes and dirt and contaminants as small as 1/5000th of a millimetre, giving me utmost peace of mind that the water we drink is of the highest quality.

So as we move into the warm Summer months, and if you know you and your family need to make water the fluid of choice at home to help everyone be at their best on a daily basis, consider investing in a Zip HydroTap. It will be one the most powerful things you can do for your health and well-being long term.

More information on Zip’s HydroTap and how to purchase yours can be found here.

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*Susie is currently a brand ambassador for Zip. Read more about her partnership with Zip here.