5 steps to take when your diet isn’t working

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Most days I will get an email or text from a client upset or frustrated that they are not losing weight. Understandably if you are trying hard, eating less and moving more without the scales moving no wonder you are feeling frustrated. Unfortunately weight loss is not always a matter of calories in versus calories out, it can be impacted by a number of factors many of which we do have control of. So if your goal is weight loss, here are 5 steps to take when your diet isn’t working.

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1. Check your compliance

Often we think we are following something but it is not until we actually keep a record of everything we eat and drink and record it in a calorie monitoring app can the extras, or sometimes too few calories being consumed be determined. In many cases we are eating larger portions than we think or changing the meal plan slightly by missing meals or snacks which can result in too few calories bring consumed. 

2. Be prepared to change things around

Weight loss is not an absolute science, sometimes it will require you to try different things to get results. So rather than getting frustrated and angry when you are not seeing change on the scale, the best thing you can do is see it as a challenge and explore ways you may be able to adjust your food and / or exercise to initiate a change.

3. Be realistic

Often we get frustrated when we have not lost more an a kilo or two each week but the reality is that even with a strict calorie control and exercise the average person carrying weight will only lose 1/2 -1kg a week. If you have insulin resistance, or PCOS this can be as low as 1-2kg a month as significant metabolic changes have to occur for fat loss to be induced.

4. Move more

Most of us do not move enough and when it comes to weight loss a exercise class is unlikely to be enough. Chances are you are going to have to  move at least 10000-12000 steps per day and exercise to get weight loss of 1-2kg a week.

5. Consider other factors

Even when your food and exercise is perfect, if you are stressed, have hormonal issues, are taking medication or are not sleeping a lot weight loss will be hard. There is a right time for everything and sometimes when you already have significant life stressors at play it is simply not the right time to concentrate on weight loss.