Does your diet need a kickstart this February?

Shape Me February Kickstart - Recipes 2

We all know that it can be tough to follow a diet – the demands of a busy schedule as well as regular social activities that feature food can make it almost impossible to follow any particular diet program for an extended period of time. It is for this reason that we have developed a new range of Shape Me plans that help you to kickstart your diet over just a 2 week period. Specifically this month our kickstart is focused on lunch – while we are often told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in fact it can actually be lunch that determines your overall calorie load for the remainder of the day. So if you know that your diet needs some work, here are a few more reasons why there are some benefits in kickstarting our diet a focused 2 week period.

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1. You can manage 2 weeks of focus

Often diets fail as they require us to be perfect all the time, which in modern life simply does not work. On the other hand, just 2 weeks of dietary focus is a short enough period of time to see some results on the scales while still allowing you to juggle your social demands and the eating that comes with that. 

iMacHomepage-large-v22. You will get some results

Research suggests that achieving initial weight loss success helps to predict long term weight loss, this means that seeing a drop of a kilo or two on the scales over a 2 week period is motivating in itself to keep going. The Shape Me Kickstart has been designed to help you drop a couple of kilos quickly, but doing it in the right way, via a calorie controlled plan that is packed full of fresh food. 

3. It will help to build strong habits

Long term weight control comes down to building some strong, sustainable lifestyle habits. The Shape Me Kickstart focuses on simple daily habits, such as packing a healthy lunch and preparing some healthy meals each week that are habits you can build and sustain long term.

4. You will feel better within a couple of days

Just a couple of days of nutrient rich eating is all you need to help you feel lighter and more energised. The Shape Me Kickstart is designed to boost your nutrition within a day or 2 of starting the program so you feel energised and motivated to keep eating well.

5. You can start at any time

Unlike a number of weight loss programs, the Shape Me Kickstarts are designed to be started at any time – this means you can follow them for 2 weeks straight or choose a few days at a time that fit in with your schedule. Flexibility is the key with any successful diet program and the Shape Me Kickstart offers maximal flexibility. 

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