5 ways to drink more water in Winter

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How to drink more water this winter

Well it sure is chilly outside – chances are your skin is dry, your lips chapped and your nose is constantly running. Welcome to the world of winter and while the last thing you may feel like doing is drinking chilled water, it may surprise you to hear it is one of the most important things you can do when the temperature drops to keep well, healthy and feeling your best.

Dehydration is surprisingly common. Our thirst reflex is not overly strong, and when it is cold outside we are far less likely to keep our water bottle on hand the way we would when it is much warmer outside. In short it means we are at greater risk of dehydration, especially in cold and flu season which sees us lose plenty of fluid via coughs and colds. So here are some easy ways to make sure you are drinking enough fluid to maximise your immune system and your energy no matter how cool it is outside.

1. Set a water target

While you may feel like drinking less water at this time of year, simply setting a reasonable target, such as 600-1L of fluid each day via sparking or still filtered water are reasonable targets that will give your hydration a strong baseline level before we add in extra fluid via tea, soup and fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Add a glass to meals

We are much more likely to drink great tasting water when it is readily available to us so an easy habit to build is always serving your meals with a glass of sparkling or still water. Not only will this help to regulate appetite but it is also a good habit for the whole family. To make it even easier, consider installing a Zip HydroTap at home or at work so you always have filtered still and sparking water readily available.

3. Include your tea

The good news is that you can include tea in your fluid count each day. This means if you are a little off your water at this time of year you can easily replace it with cups of herbal or black tea. And the great news about tea is that it adds antioxidants into your diet with minimal calories or in the case of herbal teas offers a range of health benefits ranging from craving control to digestion ease. 

4. Add extra where you need

If you are sneezing up a storm, or exercising at high intensity simply add an extra 500-600 ml of water to ensure you are compensating for the extra losses, even if you are not sweating or feeling thirsty. Another option may be to enjoy warm boiled water with a little lemon to get the hydration benefits via a warming fluid.

5. Keep water within easy reach

This may mean having a bottle in the car, a glass and a jug on your desk or Zip HydroTap at home, but the simple act of prioritising your fluid intake and always keeping filtered water close by is the key to optimal hydration, even in winter. 

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