Drink more water to reset your diet this Spring.

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Drink more water to reset your diet this Spring

The long cold Winter is over and it is time to get out, get active and get our diet back on track after a number of weeks spent indoors, watching Netflix and indulging in comfort food. Resetting your diet does not have to be labour intensive or difficult, rather it is about reminding ourselves how much better we feel when we are eating well, focusing on our hydration an taking time out each week to preparing healthy nourishing foods for our body. So if your body is in need of a Spring clean out, here are the easy steps to take towards a healthier, lighter Spring!

1. Focus on hydration

If your skin is dry and lifeless it is time for some water therapy – giving the cells the fluid they need each day is imperative for optimising metabolism; controlling appetite; helping the digestive system to operate efficiently and to keep our eyes and skin clear and bright. At a minimum we need 1.5-2L of fluid each day and that is not taking into account the fact we will need more fluid if we are also training regularly. So make sure you take your water bottles everywhere filled with some still or sparking water and sip throughout the day to keep on top of your hydration.

2. Go for bucketloads of fresh produce

Forget 2 & 5 if we really want to take control of our nutrition we need at least 7-10 serves of fresh fruit and vegetables every single day to get the nutrients we need such as fibre for optimal health and well-being. This means fruit or veges at breakfast; salads and vegetables for both lunch and dinner, veg juices, cut up veges as snacks and a sweet hit from fresh fruit. The added benefit of eating this volume of fresh fruit and veg is that you will also increase your overall water intake considerably which will in turn aid in keeping you well-hydrated. 

3. Get your timing right

Shifting our first intake to the first half of the day plus allowing 10-14 hours overnight without food goes a long way in keeping our food intake on track. This means eating an earlier breakfast along with an early dinner, or adopting a fasting regime in which you limit your eating to just 8 hours each day. As soon as you restrict the number of hours each day that you eat, you automatically limit calorie intake without any strict diets or calorie counting. 

4. Plan for 3-4pm

3-4pm is the time that things often go downhill with our diets. A relatively strict day of eating is followed by extreme hunger and cravings late afternoon which inevitably leads to binge eating and sugar cravings if not well managed. Avoid this scenario after an early lunch by planning for a substantial filling snack between 3-4pm. Options that have a good balance of carbs and protein include a Mountain Bread Wrap with cheese, nut spread or lean meat; Wholegrain crackers with cottage or goats cheese and some cucumber or tomato or a meal replacement or protein shake with fruit and seed mix. 

5. Build new habits

When it comes to our health one of the most powerful things we can do is to focus on building positive habits so drinking enough water and eating well become second nature. Simple positive health habits that will help to build your own positive nutrition platform this Spring include starting each day with some boiled filtered water and lemon; packing your healthy lunch the night before; always carrying a bottle of still or sparking water from your Zip Hydrotap and keeping a supply of healthy snacks on hand. When eating and drinking the right thing is the easiest choice, our health improves without us even noticing. 

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