Drinking more water for a healthy, happy Summer


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Drinking more water for a healthy, happy Summer

If there is one thing we need to talk about at this time of year, it is how important keeping well hydrated is when it comes to looking and feeling our best over the Summer months. Not only is party season in full swing but the climbing temperatures and humidity mean that we need more fluid than ever before. So here are the reasons why drinking more at this time of year is so important, and the easy ways you can reach your daily fluid targets.

To help boost your energy

One of the easiest ways we can boost our energy on a daily basis is to keep well hydrated yet many of us resort to coffee and energy drinks for anything but a natural energy hit. At this time of year when everyone is feeling a little tired and overwhelmed you will be surprised how much better you will feel when you aim to consume at least 1-1.5L of chilled still or sparkling water each day. 

To support weight control

New Year, New start and for many of us the beginning of a bright and shiny new year also means a commitment to eating well and exercising to help undo the sins of the silly season. Not only does drinking enough fluid help to control appetite but also supports a healthy digestive system after several weeks of heavy eating. For this reason aiming for 2-3L of fluid each day is a key aspect of long term weight control and more specifically weight loss when you are cutting back your calorie intake. 

To keep your skin clear

Late nights, lots of fat, salt and sugar and a lower than normal intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can spell disaster for our skin. Skin cells expose dehydration quickly and dull lack lustre skin is one of the first signs you need to up your fluid intake. Even more importantly keep in mind that if you like to enjoy the warm days outdoors you will need at least an extra litre of fluid to help compensate for the fluid lost in sweat. 

To offer a natural detox

Forget expensive pills and potions if the goal is to give your diet an overhaul at the end of the party season, all you need to do in order to give your body a natural cleanse to up your fluid intake. Plenty of water, vegetables based soups, juices and herbal teas is the easiest and cheapest ways to drop a couple of kilos quickly and safely, cleaning out the digestive tract and rehydrating your cells so they can work at their best. While water fasts are not recommended, a day or two of light eating with plenty of water will have you back to your best in a matter of days. 

To build a positive health habit

Positive daily habits are the key step known to facilitate good health and nutrition long term. When we make it a priority to keep well hydrated through the day, over time drinking water at regular intervals becomes second nature.  It takes time to build a new habit, at least 3 months and as such when building a new habit such as drink more water, reminders, prompts and visual aids such as keeping a reusable water bottle on your desk at work and in your car are strategies that will help to boost your overall fluid intake. And as we move into a New Year, investing in a Zip HydroTap at home is a proven way to support the entire family in drinking more filtered still and sparkling water each and every day. 

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