Should you eat a banana every day?

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Why you should eat a banana every day

A banana a day to keep the doctor away? Now that’s a simple diet to follow! When it comes to nutrient rich foods, there are generally a range of potential health benefits associated with eating these foods regularly. In the case of bananas, it is the rich potassium content of bananas in particular that is linked to a number of positive health outcomes, ranging from heart health to even our hearing. So here are just some of the reasons to grab a banana each time you leave the house to have on hand when hunger strikes.

For healthy blood pressure

With a massive 400mg of potassium in a single banana, or at least 10% of what we need in an entire day, high potassium foods like bananas help to regulate fluid balance in the body via its interaction with sodium. Diets high in potassium have been linked to lower blood pressure and as such a diet that features 7-10 serves of potassium rich fresh fruits and vegetables every day is recommended to help manage and reduce blood pressure. 

For a healthy heart

Not only is potassium a key mineral involved in muscle contraction, but research shows that individuals who have a high sodium-potassium ratio have a lower risk of development heart disease and a lower risk of stroke. Interestingly, potassium supplements are not linked to reduced risk, rather potassium consumed naturally via our diet. 

For healthy bones

With at least one million Aussies living with osteoporosis or brittle bones, consuming the key nutrients essential to bone health is crucial for all of us. Specifically, potassium plays a key role in neutralising some of the acids that can breakdown bone over time. As such, a diet high in potassium has been proven to help protect against osteoporosis. Magnesium which is also found in large amounts in a banana is closely linked to bone formation. A single banana contains almost half the daily recommended intake of magnesium. 

For optimal hearing

When we think of fresh foods we do not necessarily link their intake to basic bodily functions, such as hearing. However, the fluid in the inner ear, the part of the ear that translates noise into electrical impulses, which the brain then translates into sound, is dependent on a rich supply of potassium. For this reason, consuming potassium rich foods regularly is key to ensuring optimal hearing, especially as we age. 

For a happy tummy

So often we complain about having a dodgy tummy, or irritable bowel like symptoms, but sometimes bloating and irregularity can simply be a result of a diet lacking in crucial nutrients and enough fluid and movement. As potassium plays a key role in muscle contraction and our digestive system depends on this muscle contracting to move digested food through it efficiently, a high potassium diet is crucial for optimal digestive function, along with plenty of fluid to again help waste be quickly eliminated from the body. 

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