What i eat: Ben Fordham, Today and 2GB’s Sydney Live Host

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Each day i eat: Bread

Tea or coffee: Coffee

In my fridge you will always find: Leftovers

If i am on the run, i will pick up a: Kebab.

By Friday night I will treat myself to a: Beer / Vodka / Gin

When it’s time for exercise, you will find me doing: Riding my bike or chasing a ball.

And just because we are curious…

I am currently reading: Small Bamboo by Tracy Vo.

I am currently listening to: Little May.

I am currently watching: Old episodes of The Wonder Years.

In my bag, you will always found: I don’t have one.

I am dying to go to: Heaven.

Best piece of advice i have been given is: Worrying achieves nothing.

My inspiration is: My wife, family, mentors and mates.

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