How to eat chocolate and not gain weight this Easter

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How to eat chocolate and not gain weight this Easter

Easter is my favourite time of year – there is not the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we have at least 3-4 days off in a row and of course you get to eat plenty of chocolate. And while Easter means plenty of celebratory feasting, it can also mean that we return to work after several days off a few kilos heavier – weight gain few of us need or want. So if you love indulging at Easter but would prefer not to return to work next week heavier, here are the easy ways to enjoy your Easter treats, minus the weight gain.

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1. Go for quality over quantity

While there is plenty of chocolate of around, there is also plenty of chocolate that is not necessarily your favourite, or that you get maximal pleasure from eating. The key with being able to indulge in high calorie food and not overeat is to mindfully use your calories on foods that you get maximal pleasure from. This means if you love the little solid eggs, wait until Easter, then eat as many as you like but then get straight back on track with your diet the following day. Or if you love Lindt chocolate, devour a bunny on Easter Sunday but don’t waste your calories on little eggs all weekend. When you have permission to actually eat the type of chocolate you love, you will find you eat a whole lot less than when you are trying to constantly actively restrict your intake.

2. Sub in a meal

If chocolate is your thing, go for it, but most likely it means you do not need all your other meals as well. Often we eat the chocolate which may contain 600-1000 calories (in a bunny) and then keep eating all the other food on offer. If you want to eat chocolate, eat chocolate but chances are you do not need all the other buns, cakes and desserts as well.

3. Just move

Easter means that you have plenty of time to eat chocolate, but also plenty of time to move. Calories are far less of an issue when we are actively burning them off. Make the most of the holiday days and go for some long walks, factor in a run or gym session and simply work towards burning off some of the extra calories you have consumed.

4. Limit your chocolate to Easter Sunday

Even though Easter eggs have been available at supermarkets since Boxing Day, the truth is that Easter is one day. If you simply limit the bulk of chocolate consumption to Easter Sunday and get back on track with your diet on Monday, you will have no issue with weight gain.

5. Keep it out of sight

Much of our eating occurs because the food crosses our path – if you simply keep your chocolate out of sight, you will eta far less than if you keep it within easy reach at home. Then you will only look for it when you actually feel like it as opposed to the mindless munching most of us get roped into each and every day.